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2 defending champs fall in SSBA Basketball Tournament

SAN IGNACIO, CAYO, Tue. Oct. 4, 2016–The San Ignacio & Santa Elena Basketball Association (SSBA) hosted its third week of basketball games at the Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio Town over the weekened.

On Friday night, Belmopan defeated Cayo Storm, 42-34, in the Under 19 division. Denzel Brown was the top scorer in the game with 12 points, while Gabriel Hyde and Gerjen Hernandez netted 9 pts apiece in the win. Cayo Storm was led by Robert Jeffries and Kahlil Rancharan, who tallied 9 pts each. In game 2, Tuff Enuff up ended the defending U23 champs, 54-47. Douglas Valley had the game high with 16 pts, while Brian White and Sydney Bradley scored 13 and 11 pts, respectively. The top scorer for McRoe Lions was Francis Arana with 15 pts, while Jamal Augustine and Ian Rene tallied 12 and 10 pts, respectively. In the nightcap, Belmopan Print Belize was a no-show, giving the victory to Panthers in the Senior category.

On Saturday night, game 1 saw Lady Warriors upsetting the defending champs, Western Queens, 43-39, in the Female division. Lady Warriors was led by Glenda Torres, who scored 12 pts, and Genae Samuels, who scored 7 pts. Western Queens’ Shirley Codd had the game high with 19 pts, and Jasmine Armstrong netted 12 pts. In the other game 1 that was played on the adjacent court, Kings defeated Sacred Heart College, 56-42, in the Under 19 category. Bryton “Bushy” Young was the top scorer for Kings with 11 pts, while Shevaun Harris sank 10 pts, and Justin Ford and Ryan “Mentes” Carbajal chipped in 9 pts each. SHC was led by Kyron “Tut” Molina, who had the game high with 11 pts, while Dreymon Cassimiro tallied 11 pts.

In game 2, the Cayo team defeated Invaders in the Old Man category, 48-44. Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos was the top scorer for the Cayo team with 17 pts, while Tom Diego sank 11 pts, and Elvis “Tigre” Usher chipped in with 8 pts. Dwayne Gongora of Invaders had the game high with 21 pts, and Dylon Ayuso scored 13 pts. In the other game 2, Belmopan narrowly edged Benque Power, 60-57, in the Under 23 division, where Jevaughn McKenzie was the top scorer for Belmopan with 16 pts, while Karl Williams, Akeem Watters and Earlin Palacio all netted 10 pts apiece. Jamie Carbajal led Benque Power with 14 pts, while Kevin Brown scored 13 pts, and Raheem Crawford and Charles Ponce netted 11 and 10 pts, respectively. In the nightcap on the first court, Benque Riders defeated City Boys, 76-60, in the Senior division. Benque Riders was led by Brandon Flowers, who had the game high with 31 pts, while Ivan Flowers sank 20 pts, and Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos tallied 13 pts. Akeem Watters was the top scorer for City Boys with 23 pts, while Ryan White and Marlon Andrewin tallied 18 and 10 pts, respectively. In the nightcap on court B, Tuff Enuff defeated Belmopan, 43-34, in the Over 35 division. Jay Jex was the top scorer for Tuff Enuff with 11 pts, while William Black netted 10 pts, and Edward Baptist scored 9 pts. Robert “Sample” Allen from Belmopan had the game high with 20 pts.

Upcoming games:
Friday, October 7
6:30 p.m. – (U-19) Belmopan vs Pepsi Christian Ambassadors
7:30 p.m. – (U-23) Maria Chang/4G Lyte vs Invaders
8:30 p.m. – (Seniors) Maraton Mambas vs Sacred Heart Junior College
Saturday, October 8
6:30 p.m. – (Court A, Female) Belmopan Shock vs Lady Warriors
6:30 p.m. – (Court B, U-19) Cayo Storm vs Sacred Heart College
7:30 p.m. – (Court A, U-23) Belmopan vs McRoe Lions
7:30 p.m. – (Court B, O-35) Tuff Enuff vs Special Effects
8:30 p.m. – (Court A, Seniors) Snipers vs Panthers
8:30 p.m. – (Court B, Seniors) City Boys vs Belmopan Wolves

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