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My 26-day-stay at the KHMH

Dear Editor,

I was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on June 3 on what was to be a 7-day stay, including a surgical procedure on a foot ulcer which then turned into 26 days of hospital care. After preliminary preparation, a bacteria was discovered in my foot, which called for a 10-day antibiotic treatment, followed by a shortage of anesthesia.

The surgeon was overwhelmed by surgeries (mostly emergencies), and my surgery took place on June 20. I was discharged on June 29th. As I was saying goodbye to the KHMH and entering the vehicle, we were bid farewell by a shower of blessing.

Since 2015 when I suffered renal failure, this is my fourth stay at the hospital, the first being the most serious, when I was in the ICU and basically only waiting for the end. On two other occasions, it was for blood transfusions and the last time was for foot care.

My final report card on the KHMH is as follows. A great hospital that can be the shining star in this region is being allowed to slip away little by little. In my opinion, the service is next to none. The doctors and nurses are very professional. The auxiliary nurses, the cleaners and the kitchen workers are all doing their best with what is provided to them.

The food can be made more-tasty without using salt. What needs attention is the security system. The security must be more people-friendly, while being strict.

The major problem at the KHMH is the upkeep of the facility. The ceilings are crumbling, lockers are being eaten by woodlice, and the floors and tiles are cracked, which allows bacteria to grow, especially in a hospital.

I know it must be hard to lobby GOB for money to keep a standard, but it is the only way. Where there is a will, there is a way. Please allow me to mention a few names I can remember — Doctors Gutierrez, Arzu, Estephan, Ramirez and Moguel; Intern nurses, Pollard, Belisle, Ramos and Evelyn.

I would also like to mention the administration workers, who are doing a good job. Congratulations on the formation of a union at the KHMH. Thank you all for the care you all provided me with.
Last but not least — thank you, the Almighty, for life.

Alfonso C. Ramirez, Sr., J.P.
P.S. Thanks for the visits and calls. You made my stay almost pleasant.

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