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A tiny nation and a global crisis

Dear Editor,

The world as we once knew it, say three months ago, is not the world we see today, which is now a much different place. This is largely because of the global pandemic COVID-19 that has been ravaging many countries all over the world.

With the virus upon us, what is now apparent is that we, as a tiny nation, must get our gloves and prepare for the inevitable battle that lies ahead.

It seems evident that we are in a fairly good position, and we are doing fairly well, thus far. Looking at it from a holistic standpoint, it appears that Belize has been, for the most part, on the offensive front, and making solid moves against the virus in an effort to box it out and keep it at bay.

This major move on the country’s part came as a result of a nationalistic approach that appears mostly to be non-partisan in an effort to safeguard our people and our national patrimony.

As we listen to the press conferences and the measured approaches that are being implemented to combat the threat of this COVID-19, the indefatigable dedication and commitment being displayed by Dr. Manzanero and his healthcare team must be noted.

Overall, I must commend the nationalistic approach taken, along with the dedication and commitment to this battle that are being shown as the authorities constantly try to remain on the offensive, and control the plays to box COVID-19 out.

However, as a society, in tandem with the response of our leaders, it is imperative that we strive diligently to do our part to practice proper hygiene and subscribe to proper health practices. It is incumbent upon us that we abide by and follow the guidelines, regulations and restrictions that are in place to help to mitigate the threat of COVID-19. If we all work together and abide by best practices, it puts us in an even better position to fight this pandemic.

Finally, and most importantly, as we venture through these times of uncertainty, let us pool together our resources to spread love, cheer and assistance to our fellow brothers and sisters. Let us not forget the nearly twenty thousand persons who find themselves unemployed and in dire straits, trying to make ends meet.

Let us, as we travel through these dark times of uncertainty, raise our candles and strive to light someone else’s flame, for our flames will not become dull by lighting another’s. I pray God’s hand of mercy and protection to cover and sustain us all, bring us through, and inspire in us a love that will cause our lights to shine before others.
God Bless Belize!

Rudolph A. Neal

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