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Ahmadiyya Basketball League 2019 results, standings and playoffs outlook

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. May 9, 2019– The Ahmadiyya Basketball League 2019 has come to the end of regular season play, and will be moving into playoffs this Sunday, May 12. The format will be single-game elimination until we crown the championship team.

Below are the results from the last two weeks of play, as well as the standings and playoff match-ups in the different categories.

ALB Week 11 games:

U-23 results

Game 1 – Tigersharks over Gorilla Cutz, 66-54. Raymond Gongora 18 pts for Tigersharks; Tevaun Lennan 18 pts for Gorilla Cutz. Game 2 – Tigersharks over Furyans, 78-64. Raheem Baptist 28 pts for Tigersharks; Alphius Cruz 25 pts for Furyans. Game 3 – Gorilla Cutz over Orange Court Generals, 45-39. Herson Ramos 11 pts for Gorilla Cutz; Shaquille Crawford 12 pts for Orange Court. Game 4 – Rebels Jr. over 501 Falcons, 51-38. Rasheed Reneau 15 pts for Rebels Jr.; Antwan Palacio 9 pts for Falcons. Game 5 – Orange Court Generals over Furyans, 74-51. Gregory Buckley 19 pts for Orange Court; Alphius Cruz 21 pts for Furyans.

U-19 results

Game 1 – Verdes Jr. over P.G., 44-32. Ulrick Meighan 11 pts for Verdes Jr.; Joash Ramirez 12 pts for P.G.

ABL Week 12 games:

U-19 results

Game 1 – Rockstone Flames over Northside Ballers, 51-33. Matildo Gordon 15 pts for Rockstone; Jonathan Decosta 19 pts for Northside.

U-23 results

Game 1 – Dangriga Warriors over Furyans, 100-43. Raheem Thurton 62 pts* for Dangriga (*ABL record for most points scored in a game); Gerian Martinez 18 pts for Furyans. Game 2 – Dangriga Warriors over 501-Falcons, 50-37. Raheem Thurton 18 pts for Dangriga; Gilbert Belisle 13 pts for Falcons. Game 3 – Tigersharks over Westland, 83-33. Aaron Young 18 pts for Tigersharks; Tevonne Phillips 15 pts for Westland.

U-15 Standings and playoffs outlook

Belama Gators (7-1); Future Shock (7-1); ABC Academy (5-3); Northside Defenders (5-3); ABS Hard Rock (4-4); Electric Avenue Ballers (4-4); City Vipers (2-6); Los Lagos Lakers (2-6); Maya Man Warriors (0-8).

Playoff match-ups are as follows:  #1 Belama Gators vs #8 Los Lagos Lakers; #2 Future Shock vs #7 City Vipers; #3 ABC Academy vs #6 Electric Avenue Ballers; #4 Northside Defenders vs #5 ABS Hard Rock.

U-19 Standings and playoffs outlook

Dream Team (9-2); Rock Stone Flames (9-2); Verdes Jr. (8-3); Third World Ballers (8-3); Punta Gorda (7-4); North Side Ballers (7-4); Tropic Air Defenders (6-5); Orange Court Generals (5-6); OW/Hoop Dreams Belize (3-8); Kings Park Raiders (3-8); Hurricanes Jr. (1-10); OW Crusaders (0-11).

 The match-ups are as follows:  #1 Dream Team  vs #8 Orange Court Generals; #2 Rock Stone Flames vs #7 Tropic Air Defenders; #3 Verdes Jr. vs #6 Northside Ballers; #4 Third World Ballers vs #5 Punta Gorda.

U-23 Standings and playoffs outlook

Griga Warriors (12-1); Tigersharks Jr. (11-3); Milpa Boys (10-3); Orange Court Generals (10-4); Gorilla Cutz (9-5); Rebels Jr. (9-5); Verdes Jr. (7-7); 501 Falcons (7-7); PG Panthers (6-8); DHC Mad Dogs (5-9); Hopkins Invaders (5-9); Westland (4-10); Corozal (3-11); Furyans (2-12); Jr. Lend Ballers (1-13).

Playoff match-ups will be determined after the Griga vs Milpa game (last regular season game). The tentative match-ups are (subject to change*):  #1 Griga Warriors vs #8 501 Falcons; #2 Tiger Sharks Jr. vs #7 Verdes Jr. *; #3 Milpa vs #6 Rebels Jr. *; #4 Orange Court Generals vs #5 Gorilla Cutz.

If Milpa wins over Griga Warriors, they become #2 seed and play Verdes, the #7 seed.  If Milpa loses, they drop to #3 seed and play #6 Rebels.

The Griga vs Milpa last regular season game will be played this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at SJC gym.

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