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Air pollution in Belmopan caused by “multiple industries,” says DOE

GeneralAir pollution in Belmopan caused by “multiple industries,” says DOE

BELMOPAN, Mon. Feb. 11, 2019– Today, the Department of the Environment (DOE) issued a press release informing the public of a malodor that is present within and near the northwestern area of Belmopan. This would be in the Cohune Walk area up to the Agricultural Showgrounds.

When we spoke to Anthony Mai, Environmental Officer at DOE, he told us that this has been an issue for some time and residents have complained of the smell. The release identified the cause of the malodor as “multiple industries which generate effluent (wastewater) [that] are within close proximity to each other.”

The release also said, “The types of effluent that are generated require different treatment approaches to mitigate negative environmental, human health and other impacts.” DOE also wants to inform the public that they have been working with the Public Health Department as well as key industries in the area.

Mai was unable to name any of the businesses involved, so as to not single out any particular business because the precise source of the malodor has not been identified. He did say, however, that they have met with the management of these businesses and they are willing to cooperate fully.

Mai told us that just today, they met again with the managers and that on Thursday, they will meet with the necessary government agencies.

According to the release, they have recommended short-term and medium-term solutions to this problem.

“Immediate corrective actions include the immediate application of Effective Micro-organisms (EMs) to digest effluent and prevent the emission of malodor,” the release said.

“The medium-term solution includes the removal of the effluent to a more appropriate location for the treatment,” the release also said.

Based on how effective these solutions are, they will be carried out long-term to eliminate the malodor.

The release ends by saying, “The public is hereby encouraged to contact the DOE to report pollution-related issues, mismanagement of our natural resources, and any other environmental violations.”

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PWLB officially launched

Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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