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An indictment of Kremandala and the Black Summit

Based on the reviews, a lot of it actually from people simply patting themselves on the backs, one would obviously assume that the Black Summit was a success. While I sincerely applaud the whole effort, I feel obligated to bring us back to reality. The Black Summit failed to really address the root causes of the conditions that are affecting the West African descendants (or any other oppressed group) of Belize today.

Certainly, the Black Summit could have had more time allocated to the discussion of problems such as AIDS, health, poverty, homelessness, care for the elderly, crime, education, religion, the environment, the economy, and the general lack of good moral values in Belize today. The Black Summit definitely should have produced an immediate plan of action to promote more unity between all Belizeans with ties to West Africa, to be later extended to include all Belizeans. First and foremost, however, the Black Summit should have addressed the real causes that currently are the most significant negative contributors to the abovementioned conditions and concerns in Belize.

Invariably, any discussion of conditions affecting African descendants in the ?New World? will include several conspiracy theories, mostly originating out of Europe, and, by extension, North America. The Black Summit had its share of such conspiracy theories, evidenced by the use of descriptions such as ?white supremacists?. I believe this is a necessary part of any discussion related to promoting unity among African descendants. These theories explain the reason for our presence in the New World, stimulate feelings of brotherhood and unity, and partly explain why our standard of living is generally inferior to the ?white supremacists?. Unfortunately, most don?t explain why we cannot seem to reverse the increasing hopelessness of our situation, particularly at regional levels, where we should have reasonable control over our immediate environment. Most do not recognize the regional ?white supremacist? structures which must be individually dismantled as a first step to dismantling the global structure. Many such theories avoid religion, which is perhaps the most pervasive and profound conspiracy that helps to divide people of all ethnicities and maintain the current World Order, for fear of alienating the very people they appear to defend.

In my opinion, we in Belize should not try to change the world. The best we can do is to defend ourselves against the ?white supremacist? World Order, solve our local problems, and perhaps become an example for others to follow. (Incidentally, this is the vision I think all Belizeans should have, and not only with regards to ethnic injustice but also with regards to the responsible management of the limited resources with which we are blessed in our little corner of the earth.) In other words, we can volunteer to take the first step. Perhaps then, the Black Summit should have discussed conspiracy theories more relevant to our local situation as the first step to contributing to the solution of the global problem.

Therein lies the reason for this letter, to discuss the ?conspiracy theories? that the Black Summit missed, whether by design or ignorance ? the theories which most appropriately describe our current situation.

The first such theory is: The Belizean ?white supremacists? are mostly descended from the Middle East and possibly North Africa, namely, Jews and Arabs. They do not only cater to the global ?white supremacists? with their globalization and free trade conspiracies that come with promises of so-called ?trickle down? benefits, they have actually created their own model right here in Belize. I don?t know exactly how it works in other places, but in Belize there is more of a ?trickle up? effect, except that by the time the collective trickles arrive at their destination, they have combined to form a torrent.

A second, connected theory is: The Belizean White Supremacists divide and conquer us under the guise of political loyalty. They perpetrate a political environment based on fear and hatred. They have transformed governance into (as an infamous former politician once put it) ?organized crime?. They thrive off our collective ignorance and incapacity for logical reasoning while reminding us of how ?smart? we are on a consistent basis.

A third, connected theory is: The Belizean Uncle Toms, a good number of whom promoted, claimed to support, attended and/or participated in the Black Summit, are the very ones who carry out the dirty work of the Belizean ?white supremacists? and help to consolidate their power. All for the use of air-conditioned SUV?s, most with blue or yellow license plates, and $50,000+ per annum salaries with which they indulge in luxuries marketed to us by the global ?white supremacists?. To these Belizean ?Uncle Toms?, the Black Summit was a welcomed opportunity to ease their guilt trips or stroke their egos.

Here is some harsh reality; the Black Summit, its organizers, and, by extension, Kremandala, can all be considered participants or pawns of the conspiracy, whether innocently or by design.

The Black Summit is part of the conspiracy because it was too politically correct to even mention, much less address, the major contributors to the current local situation even though it is so obvious. Only the Belizean ?white supremacists? benefit from this occasion. This said omission was not surprising, based on the many excuses put forward leading up to the Summit. Come on, my people, there is no need to make excuses for wanting a better life in a better Belize where West African descendants receive the justice they deserve. When this justice is served, it shall be equally dispersed to all other deserving Belizeans, regardless of perceived ethnicity. What these excuses most likely did was alienate perhaps the most passionate few among us, the ones who may yet declare the Summit to be just an academic exercise. This few may include the potential leaders among us who can make a real difference, but are not heard or are ignored because they refuse to become pawns of the Belizean ?white supremacists? as they conspire to hoodwink us under the guise of political loyalty.

Kremandala is an apparently different situation because it is a commercial organization and as such is expected to erect a firewall against potential fallout from any ill will, financial and otherwise, that may be generated by the Summit. I see no difference between the underlying ideology of one arm of the organizers and that of the principals of Kremandala. Therefore, to me you are one and the same (even though you need to appear to be on the fence rather than on either side; you need to be ?professional?). Kremandala?s compliance goes well beyond this, however, and one merely has to listen to KREM?s Wednesday Night Talk Show on a regular basis to understand what I am saying. Nowhere else in Belize do I observe a more committed and direct attempt to divide and isolate West African descendants over politics, and on an annual basis, the Tenth. The hosts actually campaigned for the self-imposed exclusion of the most prominent member of the Opposition political party from the Black Summit, even though he is supported by perhaps a majority of Belizeans who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the entire process.

And what is the result? The Belizean ?white supremacists? further consolidate their power over all of us while we lose any claims, whether perceived or real, to the country our mothers and fathers built with their blood, sweat, tears, lives, freedom and whatever else they had to sacrifice. Is this part of a planned conspiracy or are the hosts of that show just not able to recognize?

Consider Amandala?s editorial for the September 14, 2003 edition. You very subtly attempted to pre-empt, whether by accident or design, any discussion on the Belizean ?white supremacists? by including them in the ?black experience? which seemed to be the basis of your editorial. Actually, Belizean reality does not support their inclusion in our ?black experience?. You even encouraged feelings of empathy towards them by portraying them as victims of a perceived common enemy, the global ?white supremacists?. Fool yourselves as you may, this empathy is not returned. We all pay a higher price for every token courtesy that they extend to us.

In a previous editorial you referred to members of the Belizean ?white supremacists? as venture capitalists and suggested that we should be thankful for them. What you failed to mention, whether by accident or by design, is the high price the rest of us pay so that they may have capital to venture (a lot of the Belizean Uncle Toms probably already know), further degrading our position while they consolidate their power. Am I reading too much into your editorials or can they be construed as part of a greater conspiracy? If so, is your participation involuntary or is it planned? Do you ever wonder why a house from DFC costs so much? Do you ever wonder why Belize can raise $450,000,000 from international bonds and not one cent is directly programmed (at least in an official capacity) for further development? What?s up with that? I know Belize has perennially been plagued with gross mismanagement; however, a lot of it has nothing to do with ignorance or nonperformance but rather, greed and compliance.

In that same editorial of September 14, you said that the G-8 nations basically rule the earth. They are able to do so because they are the economic powers of our world. They are not all of European ethnicity; they are not all traditional ?white supremacists?. Therein lies the solution for our problems in Belize ? economic power.

In Belize today, economic power obviously gushes forth from political power. It follows then that things will remain the same or further depreciate as long as the political status quo remains unchanged. Whether you agree or not, Kremandala and the Black Summit organizers do their part to maintain the said political status quo. The ?black experience? in Belize will improve when we choose to use our intelligence, knowledge, skills, talents, strength, votes, voices, buying power, and unity to gain real political power; political power that transcends any red ? blue divide; political power to rival that of any elected political party; political power that is exercised between elections. We then use this political power to responsibly develop and share in the wealth of Belize and gain real economic power. We use our newfound political and economic power to ensure that the problems and concerns of all deserving Belizeans are addressed. This process will require that many toes be stepped on. This cannot be avoided. Don?t make any excuses. The Belizean ?white supremacists? have advanced way beyond stepping on toes. Faced with the choice to put Belize or themselves first, guess how they will choose?

The organizers of the Black Summit and, by extension, Kremandala, now have a huge responsibility even if you don?t yet recognize it. You have to make sure that this wasn?t in fact just an academic exercise. You must immediately lead the change to promote the unity required to gain our political and economic empowerment. You must be able to resist the Belizean ?white supremacists? and look beyond your perceived political loyalties. You must be able to identify and either reform or isolate the Belizean ?Uncle Toms?. You must recruit wisely. You must find a way to bring potential leaders with real commitment into the fold. You must truly be a catalyst for a real solution and not be part of the problem. You have to ultimately promote a Belizean agenda and not just some special interest. You need to do some real soul searching. You have a huge responsibility. If this responsibility is ignored, the entire exercise will have produced more harm than good. If there is not effective follow-up, it will be much harder the second time around.

Now please do not take this letter as a personal attack on Kremandala or the Black Summit and its organizers. I believe you have paid your dues and frankly, you represent the best hope for a multitude of oppressed Belizeans who sincerely believe they have no other voice. No other media organization appears to support things Belizean even close to the level that Kremandala does, particularly where roots people are concerned. I read the Amandala every week and I give KREM 99% of my radio time. I very frequently participate on the WUB. I support the World Garifuna Council in principle. Even if you don?t know it, you have considerable power that is derived from the same oppressed Belizeans that look up to you. This power you possess, however, must be wielded carefully or it will be used against you with or without your recognition, with or without your compliance, thereby drowning the voices and hopes of the very people you claim to represent. You cannot scream ?injustice? while on the other hand you appear to vehemently and continuously support the perpetrator. This letter simply attempts to provoke more thought and some self-assessment into the process and to introduce a discussion we need to have. And yes, it is an attack on the Belizean ?white supremacists? and their pawns, the Belizean Uncle Toms. To them I say; redemption and, possibly, retribution and reformation are forthcoming. You can choose to reform and redeem yourself; perhaps retribution may be spared.

A lot of people will immediately disagree with what is said in this letter. To them I say, don?t be emotional, simply open your eyes, even if it?s just to look inwards. I do hope to expand on the theories and opinions I introduced, plus other matters, in further letters if you would extend me the privilege. Believe me, you won?t want to miss them. Until then, I encourage all Belizeans to reflect carefully on the following phrase: Every man is guilty of all the evil he has ever done, and, he is also guilty of all the good he did not do.


(Signed) John Avery

P.S. Mr. Editor, please resist your temptation to downplay my thoughts or undermine my intentions by suggesting I have a PUP/UDP political agenda, lest you continue to perpetrate the conspiracy. The only agenda I promote is a BELIZEAN agenda.

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