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Home Headline Andrew Flores, Jr., murdered at home

Andrew Flores, Jr., murdered at home

Police have put out a wanted poster for Flores’ brother-in-law

BELIZE CITY, Fri. Sept. 11, 2020– At about 8:30 last night, September 10, at the end of a day on which the nation had been engaged in a subdued celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, Andrew Flores, Jr., 34, a park ranger of the Belize City Council, who was employed at the BTL Princess Park, was murdered at his home on Kelly Street, allegedly by his brother-in-law, Whitfield Hughdonald Fisher, 28.

Fisher, who also lives in the house where Flores resided, allegedly slashed Flores’ throat during an exchange of words between the men, then he escaped out of the house. Flores was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

A wanted poster for Fisher’s arrest has since been issued by police.

On our visit to the house today, Flores’ mother-in-law told us that since Flores’ death, threats have been made against her daughter, Flores’ common-law wife, who has been told that she and her family would be dealt with, and that if she goes to Dangriga, she will be harmed.

She said that Flores had been living at their house for five months, and that he had treated her with respect and was well-accepted by the family.

We asked what led to the murder. The mother-in-law said that it happened so quickly that she is still in disbelief. She said that she was upstairs of the home and Flores was downstairs drinking, and he came upstairs and asked for ice and a drink.

Her son Whitfield came inside and Flores asked him why he was planning to kill him. Whitfield told him that if he wanted to kill him, he could kill him at that very moment, and that was when her son took out a knife and slashed Flores’ throat.

Flores clutched his throat and ran into the bathroom, and Whitfield ran out of the house, she related. Flores then came out of the bathroom and collapsed by the door of a room, bleeding profusely. He was then rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

She said that she has been sleepless since the murder, and she is also worrying about her son, who is now on the run.

Flores is originally from Dangriga.

In a media interview, Flores’ common-law-wife, Susana Fisher, said that Flores had gone upstairs and was cradling and kissing their 4-month-old baby when her brother, Whitfield, came upstairs and took the baby from him and gave the baby to her, and that was when she realized that something was about to happen.

After an exchange of words with her boyfriend, her brother took out a knife and slashed her boyfriend’s throat. She could not do anything to help him because she was holding the baby, she said.
Fisher said that Flores held his throat and went into the bathroom, and her mother went in behind him. She was trying to talk to him, but he was not able to answer, because he was bleeding out of his mouth, his neck and also from his nose, and he collapsed.

She said that when her boyfriend talked to her brother, she thought that it would have been a fistfight, but she had not expected that her boyfriend would have been killed.

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