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Aneshia Young’s family finds their first clue

MASKALL, Belize District, Thurs. Jan. 3, 2019– Aneshia Young, 23, has been missing for 25 days after she attended a staff Christmas party on December 8, and then left to go to, Sit ‘N Sip, leaving that club in the early hours of December 9. Her family and volunteers have been searching for her relentlessly, following every lead, and while still hopeful that they will find her alive, they have accepted the possibility that she is dead and their efforts are to find her body so that they can get some closure.

On December 29, they might have found a clue which does not point to a happy ending.  Around 5 p.m. that day, the family, with the help of Jose Espat, who has been working with them for some time now, found a shallow grave in Maskall Village.

First, according to Espat, they began searching in Bermudian Landing and Willows Bank, and along feeder roads in the area. The family was searching in Burrell Boom when they received information about a foul smell coming out of a yard in Maskall.

They then headed to Maskall, and about a mile in, in a swampy area, they found the shallow grave, near which there was “weave” (artificial hair) and suspected human flesh. Police had reportedly searched this same area, but came up empty-handed. The area where the grave is located is about a quarter mile from the home of someone who had initially been detained along with Young’s boyfriend, who is the last known person who saw her alive.

Near the grave was a wristband that is possibly from a club or an event; however, it was discovered that it wasn’t from Sit ‘N Sip. A piece of jewelry (a chain) was also found outside of the grave, but it was not for the victim, so the family suspects that it could belong to the killer.

The hair “weave”was attached to natural plaited hair, and has been sent for DNA testing. Young’s hairdresser confirmed to the family that Young indeed had hair extensions woven into her hair before she went missing.  The skin that was found near the shallow grave was confirmed to be that of a human being on Sunday, December 30. It is widely believed that Young’s body was buried in the grave, but later moved, although Espat does not believe the body was taken too far.

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