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Anna tells police to ?get their act in place?

I understand that there are a lot of criminals out there, but when it comes to the point of not knowing the criminal from the law-abiding, then there is a problem. There are too many reported cases now happening with police. Guys getting beaten up, people?s doors are being broken down. When it gets to the point that we cannot even count on our own law system, people will start taking matters into their own hands.

This is utterly ridiculous. I mean the law is here to help these people, and I know that the policemen who brutalized these guys will go unpunished.

They might just be suspended for a couple of months and then they will be right out on the streets again doing the same thing to some other poor family. I know that there is not one police whose house door has been stamped down or whose son has been beaten to a pulp in front of them for no reason.

What is the excuse this time for the Internal Affairs not to do anything to these guys??? I?m telling you, the Belizean people are soon going to open their eyes and take matters into their own hands. I most definitely think that they need to wake up and handle these policemen.

Look at what these policemen did to these guys, and then look at what they did to the honeymooners who just wanted to visit Belize. You don?t know which is worse: our Belizeans getting brutalized or Americans not coming to Belize again because of these policemen. The police need to get their act in place. We know that they are here to protect and serve, but right now all they are doing is brutalizing and hurting the lives of the same people whose tax money is feeding them. Either the police need to clean up their act or I can only see the headlines soon to come – ?5 policemen died in shooting war.?


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