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Annual City Council September Criterium results

The Belize Cycling Association, with the sponsorship of Belize City Council, Leslie’s Imports and Bowen & Bowen Ltd., held its annual September Criterium yesterday on the Albert and Regent Streets Circuit. There were races for youth between the ages of 8 – 16 years and “novice,” in addition to races for Weekend Warriors, Females, Juniors, and an Open Elite/Masters’ category. Prizes were medals and Crystal Juice for the Juniors and youth riders, while the others received trophies and Belikin products.
Below are the results for the various categories:

8-10 Years – 1st place Derrick Chavarria; 2nd Derrick Brown, 3rd Dion O’Brien.

11-13 Years – 1t place Andy Faber; 2nd Derrick Chavarria; 3rd Patrick Williams.

14-16 Years – 1st place Davonne Pascascio; 2nd Gerson Lovell; 3rd Kenan Faber.

Open Youth – 1st place Tyler Terry; 2nd Andrew Green; 3rd Darien Anderson.

Open Weekend Warriors – 1st place Barney Brown (Scotiabank); 2nd Ernest Thurton (Santino’s); 3rd Wilbert Jones (BTL-4G).

Female (15 laps) – 1st place – Kerah Eiley (BECOL); 2nd Patricia Chavarria (BECOL). There were two lap prizes, which were both won by Kerah Eiley.

Junior (20 laps) – 1st place Oscar Quiros (Xibalban); 2nd Giovanni Lovell (Belize Telemedia); 3rd Brandon Morgan (Benny’s Megabytes). There were 3 lap prizes, which were won by Oscar Quiros, Tarique Flowers and Giovanni Lovell, in that order.

Masters – 1st place Jose Choto (Belikin Western Spirit); 2nd Barney Brown (Scotiabank); 3rd Dwight Lopez (BELCAL).

Open Elite (30 laps) – 1st place Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes); 2nd Erwin Middleton (Capital City Cycling); 3rd Joel Borland (Belize Telemedia); 4th Mark Staine (Benny’s Megabytes); 5th Manuel Ayala Balan (Team Depredadores). Lap prizes during the event were won by Mark Staine, Byron Pope, Erwin Middleton, Byron Pope, Darnell Barrow, Erwin Middleton and Byron Pople, in that order.

(Ed. Note: As an observation, while there is no claim of records held for the September Criterium, we note that the new “Mule Park” turn this year makes the circuit a little longer than in previous years when the turn was around the Belize Bank. Interestingly, no member of the cycling community has yet complained about the change.)

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