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Auditor General Dorothy Bradley leaves office

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Dec. 2, 2021 — In a statement released by the Office of the Auditor General this morning, the head of that constitutionally appointed body, Dorothy Bradley, announced the end of her tenure, which takes effect on December 7, 2021. She now moves on to the United Nations Independent Audit Advisory Committee, to which she was appointed as a member by UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez in January of this year.

Bradley remarked in the statement, in reference to the period during which she has served as the country’s Auditor General, “To say that it has been an honor and privilege is not sufficient to describe the pride I felt to have been entrusted with this monumental task. I did my best to serve this office with distinction, contributed to its growth and leaving it in a position to allow my successor to build upon what I leave behind.”

One of the major accomplishments during her time in office was the drafting of updated legislation in line with the LIMA and Mexico Declaration for the Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions. In regard to that legislation, Bradley noted, “My team and I have worked on a Draft Bill to enhance and improve the Office of the Auditor General. This draft legislation has been presented to the Prime Minister for consideration and presentation to the National Assembly for approval.”

Bradley said in her statement that the passing of this legislation will finally allow the Auditor General to function independently of the Executive branch of government — “thereby giving the required oversight that can only help to advance our democracy and need to have leaders willing to be accountable and transparent.”

The release adds that regional counterparts and partners and even local bodies have praised the draft legislation.

Bradley is the first female Auditor General in Belize, and she noted in her statement that the work she produced during her time in office speaks for itself. “I can say I was emboldened to always do my work, without fear or favor, since I know my duty is under the Constitution and the people of Belize,” she said.

One such bold act was her documentation of irregularities she had observed in the Immigration Department during the previous UDP administration. The report pointed to questionable activities within the department and implicated high-ranking officials (even government ministers) in the administration and prompted the formation of a Senate Special Select Committee.

Bradley, in her statement, commented that she had a desire to show that those appointed to important roles can carry out their mandate with excellence and with the national interest in mind.

In regard to her future endeavors, she stated, “On a personal note, I was elated when in January 2020, I was appointed, by the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Gutierrez, to be a member of the United Nations Independent Audit Advisory Committee. The Committee supports the United Nations General Assembly in an expert capacity with its oversight responsibilities. This commendation further serves to cement the legacy left behind for Belize during this era and gives my predecessor much to look forward to and aim to achieve, beyond my work.”

In closing, the outgoing Auditor General asked for continued support for the Office. She also thanked stakeholders who partnered with her team over the years.

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