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BAA held Open Time Trials on Saturday

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 12, 2021– The Belize Athletics Association (BAA) held Open Time Trials this past Saturday, May 8, at the Marion Jones Sports Complex synthetic running track, where a sparse collection of athletes and fans witnessed a series of track and field events on a hot, sunny day. The events began shortly after 9:00 a.m. and culminated before 2:00 in the afternoon. The Time Trials are part of the Association’s program of events and meets toward selecting athletes to represent Belize in international competition, including the Olympics, later in the year. An official National Track & Field Meet is reportedly scheduled for around the end of this month.

The results of events as listed in the reports below do not necessarily represent the athletes’ position in any particular race, as two separate heats were held for both the 100 meters male and the 200 meters male events, and all the resulting times were recorded and arranged in order of rank. So that “1st Place” represents the best time/performance for the day in each event, regardless if one or more heats were held.

Male Senior 100m – (l to r) 1st Place Mark Anderson, 3rd Jihad Ahmad, 2nd Rahim Monsanto

The Open Time Trials were hardly advertised, so the turnout of athletes was generally low, with a few events featuring only one athlete, who was awarded “1st Place.”

Notable performances of the day were by Brandon Adolphus, who not only won both the 1500m and 5000m Male Senior races, but proceeded to lap his nearest competitor in the latter event; Linden Wade, who prevailed in both the 400m and 800m Male Senior, two of the most grueling events in any meet; and veteran sprinter Mark Anderson who clipped the youngsters to take 1st Place in the 100m Male Senior, while also securing a 3rd Place finish in the 200m.

Below are the official results provided by the BAA:
100m Male Senior – 1st Place – Mark Anderson (10.94); 2nd Rahim Monsanto (11.02); 3rd Jihad Ahmad (11.16); 4th Gary Neal (11.25); 5th Fred Usher, Jr. (11.39); 6th Tahj Reid (11.44); 7th Gianni Jones (11.66); 8th William Bernardez (11.98); and 9th Maurice Savery (12.1).

200m Female Senior – 1st Place – Irene Thessien (37.5)

200m Male Senior – 1st Place – Rahim Monsanto (22.0); 2nd Gary Neal (22.39); 3rd Mark Anderson (22.55); 4th Tahj Reid (23.22); 5th Hance Carr (23.36); 6th Fred Usher, Jr. (23.37); 7th Jaheim Moguel (23.45); 8th Mario Vivas (24.05); 9th Joshua Mejia (24.79); and 10th Maurice Savery (25.16).

400m Male Senior – 1st Place – Linden Wade (53.51); 2nd Mario Vivas (53.75); 3rd Jaheim Moguel (55.47); 4th Francois Dujon (56.62); and 5th Kian Trejo (59.34).

800m Female Senior – 1st Place – Ana Lopez (2:48.47)

Male Senior 400m – (l to r) 2nd Mario Vivas,
1st Place Linden Wade

800m Male Senior – 1st Place – Linden Wade (2:11.06); 2nd Amir Ramos (2:14.05); 3rd Christopher Broaster (2:17.04); 4th Jiovanni Baizar (2:18.28); 5th Tayshaun Meighan (2:34.03); and 6th Juan Portillo (2:37.16).

1500m Female Senior – 1st Place – Ana Lopez (5:36.53).

1500m Male Senior – 1st Place – Brandon Adolphus (4:22.92); 2nd Jordan Santos (4:46.77); 3rd Dorvan Campbell (4:50.60); 4th Kamron Sainsbury (4:58.06); 5th Ian Gordon (5:13.06); 6th Luis August (5:28.20); and 7th Juan Portillo (5:30.35). Two others failed to finish the race.

3000m Female Senior – 1st Place – Ana Lopez (12:03); and 2nd Lucelly Ramos (17:04).

5000m Male Senior – 1st Place – Brandon Adolphus (16:57); 2nd Ian Gordon (19:51); and 3rd Luis August (20:47). One runner failed to finish.

Long Jump Female Senior – 1st Place – Michelle Thessien (3.53m).

Long Jump Male Senior – 1st Place – Kareem Jenkins (5.79m); 2nd Kerby Sutherland (5.56m); and 3rd Joshua Mejia (5.53m).

Brandon Adolphus ran away from the field in the 1500m and 5000m Male Senior

Discus Female Senior – 1st Place – Mia Sylvester (36.60m); 2nd Lionellie Myers (31.55m); and 3rd Tikiyah Orosco (19.17m).

Discus Male Senior – 1st Place – Canaan Smith (38.35.).

Shot Put Female Senior – 1st Place – Mia Sylvester (11.45m); 2nd Tikiyah Orosco (9.64m); and 3rd Ginan Tejeda (6.67m).

Shot Put Male Senior – 1st Place – Cojac Smith (13.22m); 2nd Jahson Logan (10.98m); and 3rd Kirby Sutherland (8.66m).

15-year-old Francois Dujon was 4th in the 400m Male Senior

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