General — 10 January 2012 — by Stacey Kelly
Baby girl, 2 months old, born without anus
The parents of a seemingly healthy and pleasant baby, 2-month-old Ranelly Ferguson, say that their daughter is anything but healthy, since she was born without an anus.
Her parents, mother, Tanisha Fortnard, 25, and father, Ronald Ferguson, 27, who have two other children, told us in an interview today, Monday, January 9, at the entrance of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) that, unknown to them, Ranelly has been passing feces through her vagina since birth.
Tanisha told us that she was not aware that there was no opening in the area where Ranelly’s anus is supposed to be. While difficult to comprehend, Tanisha explained that she knows how to take care of her baby, and that she goes through a routine cleaning regimen daily on Ranelly.
However, it was not until last Wednesday, January 4, that Tanisha, while she was attending to Ranelly, realized that the baby had no anus.
KHMH officials, while they were unable to confirm baby Ranelly’s condition, told us that she is a patient at the hospital and is currently undergoing treatment. 
Tanisha explained to us, “From the baby was born, she was normal; I breastfed her, I cleaned her. I cleaned inside her vagina, opened everything, but when I went back to work, I started giving her the formula and she was not [passing feces] properly [easily]. I said I would need to go and purchase something from the drugstore.
I went to the drugstore and got the stuff, and laid her on the bed and told my boyfriend I couldn’t see the hole where the anus was supposed to be, so then we came back to the hospital. She doesn’t have any hole for an anus; her stool is coming from within her vagina. I don’t even know what intestine or where the stool is coming from. It’s a miracle that she is still alive, because if it wasn’t because of God, I wouldn’t be standing here with my baby right now”.
According to the parents, Ranelly’s doctors have not classified her abnormality as yet, and no word of the seriousness of this medical condition has been provided. The parents further told us that an x-ray was conducted on Ranelly last week Wednesday, but the results have not been provided to them as yet.
Tanisha and Ronald further told us that they are not waiting around; they find this condition to be very serious and are appealing to the public for financial aid to seek further medical attention for their daughter.
Those interested in providing financial aid or other assistance to the parents can do so by contacting them at number 651-2266 or by using their Atlantic Bank account number, 210-767-419. 

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