Letters — 14 December 2005

These regular Belizeans are indeed our nation?s true heroes.

We must learn to stop idolizing our modern politicians. Our most influential politicians are rabid capitalists who continuously act primarily in their own self-interest; at the expense of our national interest. The concept of ?Serving the people? has, unfortunately; become a joke of the past.

Belizeans at home and abroad must become highly discriminating in their recognition and support of persons who truly ?Believe in Belize?.

Mr. tour guide, my Belizean friend: keep your shoulders to the wheel and lead us by your example. Your slogan stirs my nationalistic spirit every single time I see your van.

Belize, now more than ever, needs its true patriots at home and especially abroad.

Belizeans all, please strive to protect our nation from the deluge of powerful hypocrites and self-serving parasites.

As difficult as it presently is, continue to ?Believe in Belize? and, by your actions, maintain hope for us now and for our future.

For no tyrants here linger, despots must flee?. this tranquil haven of democracy.

Gregory Arana MD

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