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Belikin 8-Ball Billiards report from across the country

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Tues. July 25, 2017–Belmopan Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
Belmopan teams finished their semifinal round yesterday. BRC Shooters beat Rising Stars with a total score of 6-0, while

Salvapan Shattaz knocked out Special Effects, 6-3. 
The first round of the finals is set to commence this Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. at Chino’s Sports Bar.
Special Effects and Rising Stars will fight for 3rd place at Mike’s on Sunday, July 30, at 12:30 p.m., followed by the championship game, BRC Shooters versus Salvapan Shattaz, which is also to be played at Mike’s Cue Club on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Belikin 8-Ball Tournament in O. Walk
After the 8 games played over the weekend, the standings for the top 6 teams are as follows: 1st place Picame – 70 points with 16 games played; 2nd place Eagles – 68 pts with 18 games played; 3rd place Chatta – 54 points and 18 games played; 4th place Infierno – 53 pts and 16 games; 5th and 6th places belong to Picame-2 and Dados-1 with 48 and 44 pts, respectively.

It’s almost safe to say that the semifinals will be Picame vs Chatta, and Eagles vs Infierno. Picame-2 and Dados have their future in their hands, as they and Chatta have games to play against each other, and Picame can also be spoilers for these teams.

MVP candidates for Orange Walk are as follows: Kenneth Dawson with 15 wins and 1 loss; Leroy Jacobs with 13 wins 0 loss.

Stann Creek Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
Stann Creek District finished its semifinal round on Saturday, July 22. Steadfast Boys defeated Santa Cruz Scorpions 6 to 3; and Big Mangoes Shattaz defeated Dangriga Snipers 6 to 1.

The first finals game will be played on Sunday, July 30, at 2:00 p.m. between Big Mangoes Shattaz and Steadfast Boys here in Independence at Big Mangoes Restaurant and Bar.

On Saturday, July 29, at 7:00 p.m., Dangriga Snipers will play against Santa Cruz Scorpions at E&E Billiards Cool Spot in Santa Cruz Village.

Corozal Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
Regular season of this year’s Belikin 8-Ball Tournament in Corozal came to its end this weekend. The semifinals start on July 29, as number one seed Haneen Shattaz goes up against Rookies of Concepcion Village, and number 2 seed Shadows goes up against San Narciso Eagles on July 30.

Toledo Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
Hi, sports fans; here is the standings for the 2017 Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament in Toledo. In first place we have Challengers with 52 points; defending PG Champs, Anaconda with 36 pts; Shooters with 18 pts; and Lucky Dip with 12 pts. This weekend’s games will see Anaconda host Shooters on Friday at 7:00 p.m.; on Saturday, Challengers host Lucky Dip at 7:00 p.m.; and Sunday, Challengers vs Shooters at Sarstoon Bar, starting at 2:00 p.m.

San Pedro Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
The 2017 Belikin 8-Ball Tournament in San Pedro is near conclusion, and teams are fighting for playoff spots. Following are the teams in that race, along with points so far. One Shot One Kill – 91 pts; Team Amigos – 84 pts; Twinkle Little Stars – 82 pts; Rack Dawgs – 82 pts. It’s not over till it’s over, folks.

Belikin, in conjunction with the Billiards Associations countrywide and the BBSF, would like to thank all supporters of the sport and Belikin Beer, “the only Beer worth drinking.”

Cayo Belikin 8-Ball Tournament
It seems as though there was some calculation problems. As it was corrected, team CK Shooters are back in first place overall for the regular season, followed by team It Is What It Is, and then team Yu Neva Know rounding off the top 3 for the playoffS; but Yu Neva Know have no games remaining. The last games of the season will be played this weekend inside K & J Pool Spot in Esperanza Village, as CK Shooters face It Is What It Is, and Money Shooters vs Pill Shooters, who both now have a shot at the 3rd spot for playoffs. MVP is still Mr. Luis “Lish” Usher, as nobody else has a perfect record, as he sits 6-0.

Overall total points: CK Shooters – 23 pts; It Is What It Is – 21 pts; Yu Neva Know – 17 pts; Money Shooters – 15 pts; Pill Shooters – 12 pts.

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