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APRIL 20, 2018– What hypocrisy. What monumental HYPOCRISY! To equate Mayor Wagner’s naivete in handling $500 of public funds with the historic UDP corruption is laughable! I scoff at the UDP humongous expression of silliness, and am angered by the stupid insult to our intelligence.

My dear UDP Propagandist, your piece about newly elected Mayor Wagner focused our justifiable anger as we recalled how Jesus Christ, the greatest moralist who ever lived, condemned the hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees of his time. He said: you hypocrites, brood of vipers, before you point to the speck in your brother’s eye take out the beam in your own first.

Your beam to multitudes spells hundreds of millions of public money abused and wasted to favour enriching family and friends. Theses public funds could have been used to pay for free education for high school for all our youth for years. The negligible benefit of gymnasiums pale compared with the enhancement of our country’s entire youth population through secondary education.

Whenever the Red Propagandist opens his mouth to spew words of demonization, he will be bashed and advised to grow up! They need to start a new chapter in the dubious history of the UDP. As a founder of this party, I might feel a sense of pride to see them propose and carry out an initiative that would truly improve Belize instead of condemning it to continue to be Lucifer’s junkyard.

There are left about two years of this UDP term of office, enough time to propose and take to the National Assembly amendments to the People’s Act, which governs the issues concerning elections, including forming new voters lists. Immediately, it comes to mind, with urgency, that the Electoral Commission must be established by a truly independent body, like an Elected Senate. Also of primary importance is the proper definition of residency. Most of mankind use the common sense meaning of residence as where you sleep, eat, dress, and leave for work daily. It certainly cannot refer to an open lot. Then, another amendment would give a Supreme Court Judge the power to put a Registering Officer in jail for TEN years for violations of the Act. It would disqualify a candidate proposing ghosts as voters.

Switching back our focus to the Red Propagandist, we thank his leader and him for weaning us of the gullibility of dreamers and good people who pray for a better world of sincerity and truth. When the Red Leader, promised, swore, looking us straight in the eye, that he would lop off the head of corruption wherever it reared its ugly head, we believed. Multitudes of us placed him on a pure white steed charging, like St. George, the damnable dragon of Blue Corruption.

O truth, whither have you gone! O sincerety, what a demon you have become! O truth, are we ever going to believe again, without seeing first?

Mr. Propagandist, this advice is free. Cut out the bull. You are reducing your credibility to below ZERO.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Belize needs TWO parties, either of which might become the government at any time, but now we are reduced to only one, because the Red continues to treat us like idiots.

Man, you need to make a new, fresh start. You would begin to restore some credibility, if you would start your commitment to meaningful REFORM. Support the creation of an ELECTED SENATE. This was first proposed by the PUP, therefore they would have to give you the votes needed for a constitutional amendment.

Under our present Constitution the Prime Minister simply has TOO MUCH power. He controls the National assembly, the Supreme Court, all government departments, all public funds, all the oversight agencies … everything!
The Red Party is not helpless. Damage control might consist in doing one or two of the above proposals. They lost CITCO because they continue to treat Belize like just a whore instead of a beloved, admired, cherished wife.

Try to make 2020 a photo finish instead of an overwhelming landslide.

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