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Biden’s mouth is writing checks the US military can’t cash — Part 3

FeaturesBiden’s mouth is writing checks the US military can’t cash — Part 3

Permit me, our dear readers of this column, to present to you the following, which I find to be of much interest. Below is the final part of Scott Ritter’s “Two-Front War: Biden’s mouth is writing checks the US Military can’t Cash,” which was posted on Youtube by RonPaulLibertyReport on July 4, 2022:

That’s a sign of a professional. The Russians are winning hands down, and they are going to win hands down. There’s nothing that can happen to stop this, nothing, but there’s a problem. We can make the cost for Russia very high. We make it so high that it actually becomes painful, and if we make it too high, then we have what we call a game-changing moment, and we’re on the verge of reaching that—we’re providing Russia, fighting the Ukrainians with weapons that are not going to change the outcome of the war. They are not—High Mars is not going to change the outcome of the war. The M777A2, with its X-caliber round is not going to change the outcome of the war. Even if they get the harpoon anti-shipping missile, it’s not going to change the outcome of the war, but what it will do is kill Russians. It will kill Russians in large numbers, and this will make it more difficult for Russia to win its victory in a reasonable timeframe. It’ll drag this conflict out. Now Russia will win, but the price paid by Russia will be very high, and the price paid by Ukraine will be even higher, and for all the people that say we have the little Ukrainian flag on our thing, we’ve identified ourselves, go to hell, because if you care, if you care about the Ukrainian people, if you give a damn about humanity, then you’d want this war to be over today, because all that’s going to happen between now and the inevitable determination of this conflict, is tens of thousands of Ukrainians are going to die, Ukrainian infrastructure will be destroyed.

But that’s not even the worst that can happen. The worst that can happen is when Russia decides that America has gone too far. You see, this is not a war that’s being fought in Ukraine; it’s a special military operation. You should probably look into what that means. It means that Russia is carrying out pretty much a punitive police action to punish Ukraine for eight years of violence inflicted on the Russian population of the Donbass. This was not a war of conquest; this was not a war of domination. Yes, they did some things in Kiev to shape the battlefield, but the primary objective is to close with and destroy 60 to 100,000 Ukrainian troops that were threatening Donbass, and the Russians are achieving that as we speak, but the price that they’re paying is very high, and we’re treating it as if it’s a war. We have a Defense Minister Secretary who has said that the purpose of the United States is basically to bleed Russia dry, to achieve a strategic victory by making the Russians pay such a heavy price that they are no longer able to threaten Europe. Well, if you’re a Russian listening to that, what are you thinking? Okay? No, guys, let me just remind you of the name Qasem Soleimani. You remember that name? Qasem Soleimani was the Iranian general who provided weapons and training and assistance to Iraqi insurgents while we were occupying their country, and he is credited with killing five to 600 American soldiers as part of this, and we hate him so much, we hate him so much that we assassinated him; we held a grudge and we killed him. Well, you know what, we are Qasem Soleimani now. We are doing what Qasem Soleimani did to us, but this time we’re doing it to the Russians, and they’re paying an even heavier price. We are creating bitterness, anger, resentment, in Russia, and at some point they’re going to cross the line and they’re going to fire missiles outside of Ukraine into American targets, into NATO targets, and now we’re talking a real war, one that we won’t win.

Joe Biden, you’re writing checks the American body can’t cash. That’s a statement of fact, and I’ll leave with this because I was talking about a two-front war. As bad as Russia is, there’s this other place on the other side of the world called Taiwan, and it’s going to get worse. You know, Americans, we tend to believe our own propaganda sometimes, and right now we have the media—if you read it, they’re saying that the United States is trying to teach Taiwan the lesson of Ukraine. I wish they would, because the lesson of Ukraine is, you’re going to get your butts kicked if you take on the Chinese. That’s the real lesson. Your economy is going to be destroyed, your nation will collapse, you’re going to lose hundreds of thousands of people. That’s the real lesson. But no, the lesson is, if you fight hard and you fight early and you inflict a lot of casualties, the Chinese can’t win, and they’re going to back off and they’re going to, they may not, they might even be deterred against attacking. The problem with this thinking is just like we don’t know Russia, and I think you hit it 100% correct. I mean, I’ve talked about this in the past hour. The American political machinery right now is advised by some of the most ignorant people about Russia. I call them the Putin whisperers. People who think they know Putin. They’ve never met Putin, but they’ve read, they’ve written PHD theses on how bad Putin is, and they believe their own propaganda, and we make policy based upon an absolute dearth of knowledge of Russia and what the reality is.

Well, if there’s a nation that we don’t understand as much as Russia, it’s called China. We don’t understand China at all. We think that China is a weak nation, we think China can be intimidated, we think China’s economy is not as strong as the Chinese like to believe it is, even though, over the past 15 years China has three successive five-year plans that have brought 300 million people out of poverty into the middle class. Hell! We got 300 million people in America, and we can’t get half that number out of poverty, and yet we have the superior economy. No, the Chinese are serious. The other thing the Chinese have been doing is the same thing Russia did, watching us, listening to us, observing us, studying us, and they’ve built a military that is impressive indeed. It’s not combat- tested, because the Chinese are pretty smart. They don’t go to war. They believe in a strong economy, they believe that if you don’t go to war you have more money to spend on, oh, high-speed trains, good infrastructure, bridges. They’re not perfect, no one’s perfect. I’m not sitting here saying that I want to live in China. I don’t! I want to live in this country. I would just like us to do half the things in infrastructure maybe the Chinese have been doing, maybe my roads won’t have potholes, maybe my trains will run on time, maybe the subway station I’m not threatened to die every time I step in by concrete falling off the roof, these would be nice things to have, but the other thing that the Chinese are doing is they’re serious just like Putin, don’t bluff.

I mean that’s one big lesson to take away from this thing: Putin don’t bluff. When Putin says he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it, and I think he’s proven that. So, when Medvedev says we’re going to strike decision centers, that’s Putin speaking; they don’t bluff, they’re going to strike decision centers and then we’re going to deal with the consequences. China has said, if you act in a manner which indicates that Taiwan is pursuing a path towards independence, that Taiwan is no longer accepting that it is part of China, that if you seek to improve the military of Taiwan, so they are emboldened into believing that they can actually withdraw and withstand a Chinese counter-strike, then we have no choice but to pursue non-peaceful means of unifying Taiwan. They didn’t just make this up. And then, you know, we have this way of thinking in America where we say the “Russians and Chinese are very impulsive people, very impulsive, they just knee-jerk reaction to everything.” Putin’s been saying this stuff about NATO and stuff since 2000, 2001, it came to the forefront in 2007 at the Munich Security Conference, he’s repeated it over and over again; there’s nothing new about this. China, in 2005, passed a law, the anti-succession law. It’s linked to their constitution, and it basically says that if Taiwan, that the policy of China is the peaceful reunification of Taiwan, that’s what they want, and they’re willing to bend over backwards to make this happen and be as patient and wait as long as possible, but the moment Taiwan starts to act in a manner that looks as though they’re going to be independent, it will be instantaneous. China will go in there and they will crush them.

Well, what has happened in the last couple days? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the President of the United States traveling to Asia where someone says, if China attacks Taiwan, what will America’s policy be? Well, we’ll defend them. But what happened to our policy of strategic ambiguity, where we were pretending that we weren’t going to defend them, so we modified the Chinese so that the Taiwanese wouldn’t act impulsively? That’s out the window, but that’s okay, that’s just words. Words mean nothing, but then Tammy Duckworth shows up in Taiwan. She’s sponsoring a bill that promises a couple things. One, to put pre-positioned military hardware on the soil in Taiwan so that American troops can fly in and marry up with this equipment so we can rapidly come to the defense. This will never happen, ladies and gentlemen. Why? Because China will invade Taiwan. China will invade Taiwan sooner rather than later. We’re not only in danger of getting involved in a war in Europe that we can’t win, we’re in danger of promulgating a conflict in the Pacific we can’t win. That’s a two-front war that we can’t win. We can’t win it.

So, why are we doing it? Because we have a commander-in-chief whose mouth has no checks and balances, we have a population which has been made stupid, I guess, that’s the most polite word I can, from exposure to a media that’s no longer in the business of informing the American people but entertaining the American people. You remember that old line, if it bleeds, it leads? Nothing bleeds more than war, and there’s nothing immediate the mass media likes more than a war that they can put out there every day—change the narrative, make it horrible, make it… and the American people tune in like the compliant little brain-dead people they are, and they just eat it up, because other people are dying, because Ukrainians are dying, because the Taiwanese are going to be dying. But let me just give you a news flash: when we go to war against Russia and we go to war against China, we’re going to be dying, and it’s not going to be in small numbers. This isn’t Afghanistan, this isn’t Iraq, this isn’t where a bad week was seven Americans dying. This is where a bad hour is five thousand Americans dying, this is where a bad day is fifteen thousand, twenty thousand Americans dying, this is where a bad week is sixty to eighty thousand Americans dying in conflicts we can’t win, unless we go nuclear and then nobody wins, everybody loses. Joe Biden, your ego and your mouth are writing checks the American body can’t cash. Thank you very much.

(The End)

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September 4, 2022
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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