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Boycotting Love FM

I heard that some union leaders want to boycott, want to stop giving interviews to, Love FM because they play ads the unions disapprove of. I don’t understand the boycott, but I think that station has to be called out for the role it has played over the years to maintain the status quo. The unions are for change, and nothing in Belize stands more for the status quo than Love FM. My gudnis, even the new PUP is, or claims to be, about real change, but Love FM remains, steadfast, smiling, ‘kip haat, Belizeans’, while they rake in the money, whatever money that is still around.

Understand this very clearly. Belize is PUP country. The UDP has been in government more than the PUP has since independence, but those were only years of interruption to give some red followers a share of the pie. The UDP didn’t earn any points with the people, because they DIDN’T CHANGE anything. Wait, some people have said that the red party did introduce real laissez faire to Belize. Well, they just opened the doors for the PUP there.

Bah, in 2008 the UDP came in on a mandate to deal with corruption, to improve governance, and we got the worst dictatorship, the worst tekocracy (a Mose Hyde coinage, I think) we have seen since self-government.

Belize is PUP country, and Love FM is a PUP station. When you know the past, you have a better understanding of the present. Every September the Love FM owner gets all sentimental about when he came here from Roatan. He got a job at Radio Belize because the great Sefe loved the way he spoke, and the great George Price gave the nod. There is no moment for the owner of Love FM like when he recites George Price’s epic poem during the September celebrations. All say that in that recitation he is brilliant. If you give points for gratitude, give it to Love FM. That station is blue to the bone, never wavering.

Please don’t boycott Love FM; that’s the only station that has the money to have a signal everywhere. When they want to ask you hard questions, tell them your truth. And then tit for tat, ask them hard questions, like how they support status quo in a system that is rotten.

Julius right about Kriol

Aha, our good leader, Mr. Wilfred Elrington, is saying things he couldn’t, wouldn’t say while we had him in office for thirteen years. John Saldivar said they had a Dean-Lindo rule, which was that a UDP never said anything bad about another UDP, and that must have covered both misdeeds and neglect, because nobody in the belly of that beast uttered a questioning peep about anyone or anything red for more than a dozen years.

Aha, the famous George Price would have believed that Sedi would borrow from his book when he said, when the time kohn fu talk, wi wahn talk. So, Sedi di taak! Julius Espat, months before he said Patrick was a boy in man’s clothing, asked Sedi why it took him all of thirteen years to condemn the UDP for flat-out failing to develop and execute policies and programs to make our country betta.

Julius said about the discourse in the House, that it shouldn’t be the Queen’s English. I agree, because the Queen’s English severely limits many of our area representatives. They, like me and a lot of other people, noh yooz tu taak da langwij. The lawyers have a big advantage, because they make a living speaking English, and you have noticed how fluid Belizeans who have lived or studied in America or England are with the Queen’s verbs and vocabulary.

I think at the last House meeting one of the area reps wanted to drop a couple lines in one of our Mayan languages, but something must have transpired to make him stay almost completely in the English lane. I think if you drop a word or two in the flow, everyone understands. Me, I love to hear when our area reps drop a few lines in their roots tongue, but when they go beyond a sentence that is not English or Kriol, they should always translate for the rest of us.

The PM — and isn’t it great to have someone with thick skin in that position, someone weh noh tochiz and bad-minded like Barrow and Esquivel and Price– yes, about the PM, I wasn’t with him when he yooz to speak at length in Spanish, partly because we shouldn’t make it easy for those greedy Guat oligarchs to follow what we’re saying.

The PM’s Spanish isn’t difficult to understand. I see he has limited himself recently; in my book a little more would be the right mix. How come Brother Kevin Bernard doesn’t know you shouldn’t say cojones in the House? Don’t ever try to follow in the footsteps of Finnegan, Braa, datideh man da bad example.

Talking evil palabras, that word sangwij Ashcroft presented on his television, I have never heard anything so crass in my life. No sir, no gentleman is he. Oh rude man, where did you get your dictionary from? You must be the owner of the Crudeman’s edition! Really, I expect that kind of language from a common American, not from one knighted by the Queen.

That man lost a heck of a lot of points with me on that show. Poor Marleni, I was listening to the part when Ashcroft sank into the gutter and I have to believe that dear girl must have cringed, or put her face in her lap to conceal her disgust.

News flash! Oh my, Marleni is really hurting. On Wednesday night she announced that she’ll not be appearing live on News5 again. Oh my. Ahem. All because that British brute’s mum probably didn’t wash out his mouth with strong soap when he was a boy. Spare the rod; spoil the child.

No mud in the sea, Port Miracle; but what about the fetid lagoon?

I believe I heard Lord Ashcroft say that Waterloo has shifted its plans on the mud dumping, that the dredged material for the channel at the port will be put on land, none in the sea. And then we saw the UDP rush to announce that their party didn’t give clearance to Mr. Gegg at Port Miracle.

A little aside, why doesn’t the UDP like Gegg? We remember when he was supposed to have found a mother lode of gold in the Mountain Pine Ridge, pure 14-karat as in diamonds, gold that is no wash-over. Oh how he must have been feverish at the prospects, but according to the story, Manuel and the UDP weren’t about allowing him to bring it down from dem dar hills! I believe Gegg must be a PUP. What is for sure is that he can’t have Barrow and Williams as his lawyers.

Returning to Waterloo, I believe it was Tom Greenwood who said that if that crowd gets a cruise port, at Port, tourism across Belize will be as dead as the sewer lagoon that cruise tourists will see first thing they come to Belize.

There being no totally bad thing under the sun, the claim to fame there would be that it is ehm, novel, and then, from there, it would be all temples, reefs, and caves. There are ways to mitigate lots of things, but hiding a sewer lagoon will need some real creative thinking and substantial money. Maybe Belize can use another cruise port, and all that, but the Greenwood observation is a bridge that might be impossible to cross.

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