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Brainwashing: what is it?

Dear Editor,

The purpose of this essay is to enlighten and educate those who are open-minded to what will be discussed about the concept of brainwashing.

So now that I have your attention, what exactly is brainwashing? Every deep and logical thinker probably has his or her own definition, but according to the Collins student’s dictionary it means “to cause a person to alter his or her beliefs by methods based on isolation, sleeplessness, etc.”

In my opinion, too many members of society, and by extension our country, are not aware of the extent of this reality. They can’t explain what it means and are not cognizant of the impact that this phenomenon has on their daily lives. This is where the masses fall to ignorance and confusion. Let me break this down to the best of my humble abilities.

Literally, every minute of your life you are bombarded with what I call super-saturated information. Most of this information is trying to convince, persuade, compel, control, drive, and command your every thought. It’s a battle for your mind. In fact, any psychiatrist will tell you that if the thought processes of an individual are controlled, the actions of that person are subject to that particular persuasive force, or source of brainwashing.

The politicians, secret societies of the world, such as the (Illuminati, Masons, skulls and crossbones, etc.), pharmaceutical companies, church leaders, mega business corporations of the world, dictators and the elite citizens of all the countries in this world know this. The problem is that they want to keep the social scourge of brainwashing as subtle as the serpent was in the Garden of Eden on that dreadful day.

Let me give you some shocking everyday realities that most are unaware of. The most powerful tool is technology. Five hundred years ago, brainwashing was minimal. There were no banks bombarding you with “competitive low interest rates” to borrow without reason. The consequence is that you might end up in debt to your eyeballs.

Worst case scenario, you can’t afford to pay back the banks and end up with your dream home in the newspapers to be auctioned. Even the Bible warns us that the borrower is servant to the lender.
The pharmaceutical companies then do a hell of a job persuading desperate people that their “super pills” and “miracle pills” will help them to burn fat without exercise or eating healthy foods; they offer hope for incurable diseases, or offer frustrated men the hope to enlarge “little john” to please their wives.

The problem is that they never tell of the detrimental side effects. The same can be said of the beer and cigarette companies. They don’t show you some poor guy coughing up his lungs because of stage four cancer, which is almost always terminal. The beer commercials never show you the guy paralyzed from the neck down because of drunk driving. You never hear about a guy checking into the emergency room because of a “five hour erection,” and believe me, that scenario has happened more than people think.

The politicians know about brainwashing too. It sickens me when intelligent adult men and women quarrel for, fight for and defend politicians. They don’t know they are being used as pawns in the politician’s game of chess. What do they end up with after being used and brainwashed? A sack of rice, a load of sand, ham or turkey for Christmas, or a measly fifty dollars? They, on the other hand, laugh all the way to the bank with millions of the people’s money and we go further up that proverbial creek without a paddle.

The clergy, the Vatican, the Taliban are masters of brainwashing the masses of the world. They use religion, telling us that we will burn for eternity, that we must be “indoctrinated” or “subservient” in order to be “saved.” You can blow yourself up and expect to have seven virgins in paradise. Yeah, this is brainwashing to the extreme. Well, I can tell you that the true God gives you free will. God forces no one to follow him; He is satisfied with your yes or no. He is not a proponent of brainwashing. Men corrupt and use religion for their own sick and twisted ideas and sinful lusts of the flesh.

Finally, today technology is what I consider our adversary. This is the major tool of modern brainwashing. The internet, television, Facebook, Twitter and social media are used to poison your minds with filth, gossip, politricking, hatemongering, fearmongering, racism and other social prejudices. All these mediums are controlled by the elite evil and unseen forces of the world. Television bombards us with illicit sex, pornography and violent movies that influence our youth.

The music young people listen to is charged with hypersexualized energy, materialism and an insane level of violence. Again, don’t you think Hollywood, and the companies that make video games know about the power of brainwashing? These people are no fools. All of this is carefully orchestrated to control and brainwash you. All of this is done to keep you distracted while the rich and elite people of the world, the oil companies and mega business corporations steal the earth’s resources from right under your noses.

This is why the masses of people in most countries remain marginalized, oppressed, confused, frustrated and impoverished. We are too busy being entertained and chasing the next exciting fad or having our next sexual adventure.

Think about it, Belize. In the next ten years there will be no land for poor people, no pristine forests, a foreigner-dominated society at all levels, rampant environmental pollution, insane levels of violence, more mass unemployment and even more hopelessness everywhere. Doesn’t this seem all too familiar?

Finally, you may be overwhelmed with this essay, but you have to arm yourself mentally about being brainwashed. There is a lot of truth polluted with error, and confusion seems to be rampant in our citizenry. Belizeans, don’t be fooled. Guard your thoughts, for they dictate your emotions. Your emotions will dictate your actions. Your actions will determine your destiny. Fight the power. Arm yourselves with knowledge. Don’t believe everything you are bombarded with.

Brainwashing makes you into a social zombie, a modern technological slave. You will be enslaved to vanity, materialism, consumerism, drugs, promiscuity, violence, religion and politics. Bob Marley said to “EMANCIPATE yourself from mental slavery.” Mental slavery is brainwashing, my friends. I leave you with the words of one of my favorite reggae artists, MUTABARUKA: “The system, the system, the system is a fraud; mi seh the system, the system, the system is a graveyard.”

Lydell Gillett (The Thinker)

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