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Brave homeowner chases burglars out of his house

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Mon. Oct. 8, 2018– At about 11:00 Friday morning, Ivor Mendez, 45, went home to warm food for his daughter, who would have been coming from school at about 12:00 midday, but on his arrival, he saw his back door open. He went into his house and saw his groceries scattered on the floor;  his electronic items packed in his daughter’s school bag, on the table;  his 42-inch flat screen television, among other items, packed in blankets and sheets; and his tools packed in a box.

He then went towards his room, and saw a man coming towards him from out of his room, with a stocking on his head, but with no covering on his face, and he recognized him as someone he knew.

Mendez then saw a second man coming out of the kitchen, but that man’s face was covered with a stocking and he could not identify him.

Information to us is that the man with the mask on his face told his fellow thief that they had been caught, and that they must kill him, Mendez.

Mendez said that he made up his mind to defend his home, and pushed his hand into the fold of his pants, pretending that he had a gun, and the man known to him ran out of the house.

Mendez then moved toward the thief with the mask, who walked backward into the kitchen, then ran out of the house.

Mendez said that he got a machete that was near his refrigerator and ran after the thief, but could not catch him. The thief slipped through a cut area of the chain link fence and escaped, empty-handed.

Police are now looking for the two thieves, one of whom is known.

In an interview on CTV 3 NEWS Orange Walk, Mendez said that he usually does not go home at such an hour; he would go home in the evening, but on Friday, his wife asked him to take food for them, and that was when he discovered the burglary in progress.

Mendez said that the dogs had been drugged. He had felt secure in his house, but the break-in has shaken his confidence.

Mendez said that the thieves pried off the burglar bar from the rear window after cutting his chain link fence.

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