Sports — 22 December 2018
Buck-it is a star, from Hostel Field to MCC

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Dec. 19, 2018– It was interesting to note in the quarterfinal 1st leg encounter between Caesar Ridge and City Boys in the ongoing CYDP Peace Cup, that one Sydney Bradley, Jr., a.k.a. “Buck-it” was not inserted into the ball game until second half. His presence was instrumental in creating the go-ahead goal for Caesar Ridge, who ended up in a 1-1 draw, after another super-talent, Orlando “Bredda” Velasquez converted a penalty late in the game for City Boys. Caesar Ridge ended up winning that series in over-time, 5-3, this past weekend; and it was Buck-it who scored both the tying goal in regulation and the go-ahead goal in overtime for Caesar Ridge. (See “CYDP Peace Cup quarterfinals completed…” elsewhere in this issue.)

Such heroics from Buck-it are not surprising to us, who have seen the early display of talent and star-quality, meaning the rising to the occasion, from this young man, who, as a kid of 11 years old won the MVP trophy in a 12-and-Under football tournament at Hostel Field back in 2007, organized by primary school teachers Phillip Murray and Mario Rodriguez. At that tournament, when the little star, Buck-it had scored the winning goal for his team, Caesar Ridge, coached by Elmer Rhaburn, he made hand-springs and cart-wheels across the field in jubilation.  Afterwards, I asked him about his nick-name, and he explained by offering his clenched fist, and gesturing for me to do likewise and “buck it.”  “A star is born,” crossed my mind, not realizing that in the ensuing years, Buck-it would make a name for himself in basketball circles, performing on national youth teams, and be overlooked by many in the football arena.

There is a saying, that cream rises to the top; and the multi-talented youth that, from his extreme bow-leg might even appear a cripple to some, has finally made his emphatic mark on senior level football in Belize City. There should be no doubt from here on that Buck-it is a star in football as well.

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