General — 30 December 2011 — by Daniel Ortiz
Burglars kill Sylvan Roberts, Jr., in home invasion
In terrible sadness, the family of Sylvan Roberts, Jr., 34, a resident of Santa Elena Town is making preparations for his burial after he was fatally shot when two burglars invaded his home on Friday, December 23, 2011.
Roberts was a well-known, well-liked member of his community, and he was a devout member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Santa Elena.
The Roberts family has declined an interview with the media, but police have confirmed that they responded to a call from his home in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena at around 11 p.m. that Friday. They discovered him lying on the floor of his home; he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the left armpit area.
Police say that according to their investigation, Sylvan and his wife Diana were in their bedroom when they heard the sound of glass breaking in the living room area. Sylvan then left the room to check what made the noise.
Almost immediately after he left the room, Diana heard a gunshot. She told police that she peeped out of the bedroom and saw that her husband had been shot.
She also said that she saw two men who were wearing masks, and one of them had a firearm in his hand. One of the men then approached her room and shoved the door open; the door struck her hard in head, and she suffered a wound as a result.
The man then demanded cash and jewelry, and she permitted them to ransack the house without any resistance.
The men escaped with a small amount of cash, and a piggy bank.
According to police, at the time of the attack, Roberts’ two young daughters and one of their employees were in the home. It was this employee who reportedly warned the community of the burglary, which caused the men to flee the scene.
Police say that Roberts was rushed to the Loma Luz Hospital, where he was also employed as an ultrasound technician, but unfortunately, he succumbed to his injury while undergoing treatment.
His neighbors told the media that the community of Santa Elena has lost an active and productive member; that Roberts didn’t deserve the violent end he suffered.
A further blow to his family and community is that his life was taken from him just two days before Christmas.
Police say that they have one person detained in connection with the incident. Tonight at press time, however, we could not find out from police whether the person detained had been arrested and charged, or released.

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