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Business is the sole rationale for gay nuptials

My elder sister, Christine — I have two, and the elder is one year older than I am – and my youngest brother, Ronald, two years my junior, have been at it in our email conversations these past two weeks about gay-related matters, particularly gay marriage. I think the topic has been engaged in because Ron, a Belizean-American, is supportive of candidates for the Democratic Party, one of whom he will put his chips on to dethrone the American president, Trump. If you’ve been on a retreat you may not know that a prominent candidate for the Democrats is named Buttigieg, and he is a gay man proudly toting a husband.

Things can get pretty heated when we get going. Christine is a born-again Christian; Ronald is American Democrat, meaning he is at least 90% supportive of all gay ambitions, and I am leaning Christine. I am definitely not for a number of things that gay men want. My parents’ youngest child, my sister Francine, who is four years younger than I am, is a bystander. Glory, we certainly don’t have any complaints about her staying out of the fray.

Of recent, Francine has been playing the pacifist. She bought a fancy phone for me — I think they call it an iPhone— just so our parents’ last four children can have some private space for our non-public conversations. Every family has their in things, subtle things that people who don’t have the full picture may not understand, may misinterpret. She went the distance and named our chat group, SIBLINGS, and she set some laws to guide us so we don’t enter into anything contentious in the forum.

Good for her, and her siblings, that she has given up on her combative ways. Regular readers of my column may recall that some time back I got scorched for some bullet points. This is not about that; this is the story behind that.

Francine and I live less than a quarter mile apart in Camalote, and routinely we go to Belize City on Thursdays, to spend time with our old folk. Oftentimes I travel with her, in her car. Let me express some thoughts about the male sex and the female sex before I continue. We are, first, members of the human family, yes, and then we are subsets, the male and the female. There are things that we are smooth on, and then…

In my unpublished play, “Defending his honor”, one of my villains, Teegre, reminds the other villain, Spek, about a bit of, ehm, wisdom that old Spek had told him: Remember what you say—if we man don’t stand together we will feel the fum fum one by one. Remember—a man got more in common with a bull or a boar than he have in common with those crazy uhman.

In some ways, men and women are oil and water. I live at Mile 50 on the George Price Highway, and somewhere between Camalote and Belize City my sister and I are going to latch on to subjects that can’t mix, not even with an emulsifier. Sometimes, almost from the moment I get in her car we land on a subject we are worlds apart on.

The story behind that story, the one with the bullet points, is that just previous to writing that, I got into some fireworks argument with my younger sister, almost from the moment I got into her car. It took me all of fifty miles to get her to accept that the rape of a woman is NOT worse than murder. For the record, not all our testy moments end in a resolution. In fact, most times we “end” at an impasse, to be continued.

A lot of American Democrats are pointing fingers at Christians who support Donald Trump. There are a number of issues here, economic philosophy being a prominent one, but we’ll stick with the one where they argue that Trump exhibits some behaviors that no true Christian should tolerate. Maybe that is true, but the alternatives, Buttigieg and Biden and Sanders, support gay marriage. A report I have is that the Donald Trump government did order that the gay flag not be flown alongside the American flag at US embassies around the world.

Americans like to play like they are especially sophisticated. The truth is that they have a lot of money, so they can dress in the most expensive silk suits. I think the adage, a monkey in a silk suit is still a monkey, applies no matter the amount you paid for the suit. They, Americans, especially of the Democrat breed, really think they are on a higher level.

We have come pretty far to accept that a gay man has a right to do whatever they do inside a closet. The truth is that the gay rights movement has achieved many positive things, particularly making us more tolerant of their very different behavior.

My argument against gay marriage is that it is fantastic, and in the particular case of a man marrying a man, it is caricature. I really can’t find a nicer way to say that.

Civilization is a creation of human beings. God made human beings, and human beings made civilization. We know of the potential, not all of it always realized, in the marriage between a man and a woman. The union of a man and a woman is firstly, to set up a place for the rearing of children. This union also unites the families of the partners, thereby strengthening the fabric of the society. The threads extend out, binding the village, the district, the state.

 Proponents of gay marriage like to point out that many heterosexual marriages don’t work out. What they don’t seem to grasp is that even when the heterosexual marriage fails, the threads that extended from it still hold. My dad had two brothers, one of whom was “until death do us part” with his spouse, and the other was into parting from his spouses. My mom had three brothers. One, a half-brother, I knew him to love but I don’t know much about his family life. Her other two brothers, they were not “until death do us part.” Even though these relationships didn’t last till the end of the flesh, the good threads are still there between our family and the families of the women they married.

Sometimes things do end up ugly. This is a great tragedy. Most times the greater family works things out and those wonderful threads keep on as strong as ever, keep on realizing the great potential. There is no such potential in the union of two men. That is solely about two individuals.

People who support the union of two men are misguided about the virtue of two men swearing to try monogamy. I pray that children are never invited to these weddings. You have to be careful with children, very, very careful. Those brats are bloody rude, and it is only the law that sometimes saves them from many deserved smackings. But it is out of the mouth of a babe that the emperor realized that he was walking about town, as naked as ih baan.

You probably can’t stop men from marrying if they insist, but the church that blesses it has lost its way. If a gay friend told me he wanted to marry his boyfriend, I’d dissuade him: I’d tell him, Braa, steal your love and seal it in a closet.

The only argument for gay marriage is that it is good for business. Gays in the US won a lot of undeserved points when they showed unfairness in the distribution of Social Security funds in that country. This is a matter that could easily have been cleared up, without forcing men to marry.

They also won points in the movies for death bed visits. Personally, I can think of no better time for a family to be glad that an old male in the family has a gay lover. Whoever stops the gay lover from taking care of the ailing male family member must really hate homosexuality fu troo. I would say, Braa, he is yours.

If you take a census you will most likely find that Belizeans in America are for gay marriage. One reason they agree with everything the gays want is because they, Belizeans in America, are non-white people in a strange land, and the gays have always extended a hand. Belizeans who go to live in America are also more materialistic than Belizeans who prefer Belize. Gay marriage is good for business. We don’t exactly sneeze on money here. Many tourism operators in Belize are praying for marriage license for this group because it means money in the bank.

One of my cousins in the USA told me the story about two white gay men who came into his shop with a little black girl. He said he couldn’t help but see the kindness involved in that story. I told him I thought if those men were really kind they would have paid to set the little girl in a real family.

Two gay men who want to declare that they are making a stab at monogamy don’t have to make the declaration on any church’s steps. If they want to make such a declaration they can borrow from the secret codes and signs in any number of lodges. There are a number of ways other than church that they can show their devotion, and tell all concerned that they are going steady.

 Heterosexuals who support gay marriage say that those of us who don’t believe in rice in their hair are unkind, mean-spirited.  I say they are not being entirely honest or they haven’t yet explored the truth. For those that have looked at gay marriage with opened eyes, their support is intertwined in business and they are employing codes that teach you how to handle the truth so it doesn’t disrupt the steady flow of the chi-ching at the cash register.

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