Sports — 08 April 2014
Byron Pope first, Marlon Castillo second in Pre-Cross Country race

Just over 50 cyclists took part in the first ever Pre-Cross Country race that went from Leslie’s Imports to Mount Hope and back, for approximately 115 or 120 miles on Sunday, April 6. There were no foreigners in the race, but a number of “big names” took advantage of the opportunity to further their preparation for the Holy Saturday main event.

Top 5 finishers in Sunday’s Pre-Cross Country were: 1st Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes, 5:10:04); 2nd Marlon Castillo (BTL Cycling, 5:10:04); 3rd Henry Moreira (Predators Belize, 5:10:13); 4th Gregory Lovell (BTL Cycling, 5:11:03); 5th Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addikz, 5:11:03).

We expressed some reservation about the benefits of winning such a race as the Pre-Cross Country; but then, personalities are different, and what may make one person become complacent, may instead further motivate, inspire and embolden another.

Whatever, after the Country, cyclists and the experts will, with 20-20 hindsight, be better able to analyze the impact of this Pre-Cross Country exercise.

Regardless of all the other races throughout the year, come Holy Saturday, the defending champion will still be Darnell Barrow, until and unless someone else takes the crown.

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