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C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Series 2014 Week 3 results

BELIZE CITY—The C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Series 2014 races continued at the Marine Parade on Sunday, August 10, with Week 3 races in the various youth age categories.

Top finishers in the Week 3 races were:

Tiny Mites (3-5 yrs) – 1st Kyron Staine; 2nd Damine Myles; 3rd Charles Straughan; 4th Josh Longsworth; 5th Jadah Muschamp.

Tiny Mites (6-8 yrs) – 1st James Lewis; 2nd Prinston Itza; 3rd Daejon Myles.


Female (under 10 yrs) – 1st Abbie Leslie; 2nd Giada Lovell.

Female (over 10 yrs) – 1st Coleen Ebanks.


Category C (9-12 yrs) – 1st Gian Lovell; 2nd Dereck Brown; 3rd Keron Requena; 4th Jonathan Pena; 5th Markell Mahler.

Category B (13-15 yrs) – 1st Darien Anderson; 2nd Brian Sutherland; 3rd Patrick Williams; 4th Gerson Lovell; 5th Andrew Green.

Category A (16-18 yrs) – 1st Darien Anderson; 2nd Philton Butler; 3rd Stephen Cabral; 4th Kevin Swasey; 5th Anthony Marin.


Devil takes the hindmost – The “Devil takes the hindmost” race was introduced to the youths this week. This is a race of smarts and speed; every lap is a sprint to the line, and the cyclist that crosses the line last is out of the race. When there are 3 riders remaining, the whistle is blown to signal the final lap. The cyclist who crosses the line first then wins the race. 12 riders started the race, therefore there were 10 laps. 1st was Patrick Williams; 2nd Darien Anderson; and 3rd Gerson Lovell.



Cyclists were awarded points based on their finish position in their respective categories: 1st place – 12 pts; 2nd place – 10 pts; 3rd place – 8 pts; 4th place – 6 pts; 5th place – 4 pts; 6th – last place – 1 pt.

Total points after three weekends of racing are as follows:

Tiny Mites (3-5 yrs) – Kyron Staine 36 pts; Jayden Tillett 20 pts; Damine Myles 18 pts; Kaelie Burgess 14 pts; Jadah Muschamp 8 pts; Charles Straughan 8 pts; Auriyah Banks 7 pts; Josh Longsworth 6 pts.

Tiny Mites (6-8 yrs) – James Lewis 36 pts; Daejon Myles 14 pts; Richard Hoare 10 pts; Prinston Itza 10 pts; Kent Garbutt 10 pts; Jose Guerra DQ.

Female (under 10 yrs) – Abbie Leslie 36 pts; Gabrielle Gabourel 20 pts; Giada Lovell 10 pts.

Female (over 10 yrs) – Bonita Chavarria 22 pts; Jamie Muschamp 22 pts; Colleen Ebanks 12 pts.

Cat “C” (9-12 yrs) – Gian Lovell 34 pts; Derrick Brown 22 pts; Chauncey Broaster 14 pts; Derrick Chavarria 12 pts; Deon Young 11 pts; Markell Mahler 9 pts; Keron Requena 8 pts; James Lewis 7 pts; Jonathan Pena 6 pts; Malcolm Mahler 3 pts.

Cat “B” (13-15 yrs) – Darien Anderson 36 pts; Patrick Williams 26 pts; Brian Sutherland 22 pts; Andrew Green 11 pts; Kaydin Pinedo 11 pts; Gerson Lovell 8 pts; Shawn Codd 6 pts; Juninio Santiago 5 pts; Gian Lovell 3 pts; Shakir Neal 2 pts.

Cat “A” (16-18 yrs) – Stephen Cabral 24 pts; Darien Anderson 23 pts; Philton Butler 21 pts; Delawn Abraham 12 pts; Kaydin Pinedo 12 pts; Patrick Williams 7 pts; Kevin Swasey 7 pts; Anthony Marin 6 pts; Philip Grajalez 6 pts; Fred Sandoval 5 pts.

Next week Sunday, August 17, will be the final week of competition.


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