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Calls for the LOO’s resignation are mounting

PoliticsCalls for the LOO’s resignation are mounting

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Jan. 24, 2022– In the face of the recent allegations made against Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Patrick Faber, The People’s United Party, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, The Office of the Special Envoy, and UDP Deputy Leader Hon. Hugo Patt have all issued statements condemning domestic violence. The PUP, the Office of the Special Envoy, and UDP Chairman Michael Peyrefitte, however, have taken things a step further, demanding that Faber resign.

On Friday, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) issued a press release condemning all acts of violence against women and stating that it has zero tolerance for the men who perpetrate such acts. The NTUCB’s release went on to call for provisions to be made in the Belize Constitution and in the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives and Senate that would make domestic violence a criterion for disqualification of members of parliament.

Faber has faced multiple allegations of domestic abuse, and in response, the People’s United Party stated on Monday that “enough is enough.”

In addition to voicing its support for the NTUCB’s call for constitutional reform, the PUP said the following in a press release:

“The People’s United Party joins the call for the immediate resignation of Patrick Faber and further, calls that he resigns as a Member of Parliament. With the alarming rate of deaths and violence against our women due to domestic abuse, the PUP further calls on the United Democratic Party (UDP) to uphold its own call of not condoning gender-based violence and demand that they too call for the resignation of Patrick Faber.”

The Office of the Special Envoy has also called for Faber’s resignation, stating that this most recent incident not only resulted in a warrant for Faber’s arrest but also ended with the complainant withdrawing all charges—a common occurrence in the cycle of domestic abuse. Additionally, the Office of the Special Envoy has spoken out against the slew of criticism that the complainant, Dr. Shanikka Arnold, has received for withdrawing the charges.

“Our women need our support, not criticism, as they navigate the terrible scourge of abuse and violence. It is important that victims know they are not alone. It is critically important we work harder to empower our women and provide the support and safety mechanisms they need to break the cycle of domestic abuse,” said the release.

Even Faber’s fellow party member and Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Michael Peyrefitte has called for Faber’s immediate resignation, stating that the people of Belize will neither tolerate nor believe in a party whose leader is constantly involved in domestic violence incidents. Peyrefitte is joined by The United Democratic Party National Organization for Women (UDP NOW), which, in a recent press release, has called upon the party’s Executive Committee to begin the process of selecting a new leader. The organization also expressed its “unwavering support for the Hon. Tracy Panton as the next Leader of the United Democratic Party and Leader of the Opposition.”

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