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Home Sports Camalote 2-0 over Cotton Tree in 1st game of ACMC finals

Camalote 2-0 over Cotton Tree in 1st game of ACMC finals

Bones Guzman hit a rightaway rocket from 20 yards out off a Deon Guzman center off the left flank that burned grass all the way into the back of the net to put Camalote up 1-0 five minutes into the game. In the fifty-fifth minute, Oliver Wiltshire drained a pass through the middle that found a streaking Wayne Wiltshire who lifted it high over goalkeeper Mercedes Castellanos, sealing Camalote’s 2-0 win over Cotton Tree in the first game of their two-game playoff.
The final score did not tell the whole story. Camalote dominated, but failed to connect on numerous breaks. Cotton Tree came on strong late in the second half, but the Cotton Tree Wiltshires and Alvarezes couldn’t get any of their shots from far out past Camalote goalkeeper Abel Ramos.
Camalote’s winger, Deon Guzman, received a red card late when he over protested a call by the man in the middle and one of his linesmen. Brilliant teenager, Alex Castellanos, appeared to have timed his fly off the left flank superbly. He collected Wayne Wiltshire’s center on the run and was driving in for the finish when he was dragged down from behind in the box. Camalote erupted when the linesman and the man in the middle denied the penalty, calling young Alex offside.
Hey, game 2 is on Sunday. Cotton Tree has a lot of heart, and Camalote is minus Deon Guzman, and Oliver Wiltshire and Alex Castellanos are banged up, so the title is still up for grabs. In game 1 at Blackman Eddy on Sunday, Valley of Peace goes against Roaring Creek for the third place prize.
P.S. Camalote has three outstanding young talents on their roster. Alex Castellanos has the polish of a finished star, Burton Bermudez has all the tools to go far, and Scott Casey, nephew of Locho Coye and Cynthia Casey, is the kind of talent football scouts drool over. What a tragedy for these young players, the travesty of the illegally elected, bogus FFB. It is criminal what they done to our youth!
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