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43-year-old William ?Pawma? Arnold dies ? what happened?

A post-mortem is scheduled to be conducted this afternoon on the body of William ?Pawma? Arnold, 43, a watchman of Calvary Temple Primary School, who died on Sunday, August 14, after being rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital in an unconscious state.

Police investigation has revealed that about a week ago, the deceased had suffered injuries to the body, but did not seek medical attention, nor was the matter reported to police.

Carnival on the Tenth ? big dispute!

This morning at 10:00 the St. George?s Caye Day Committee held a press conference to voice its displeasure with the idea of carnival being held on the Tenth of September, usually reserved for the Queen of The Bay and Patriotic Parade to commemorate the Battle of St. George?s Caye.

The Committee charged that the people working against them are not true patriots, because the carnival does not show any respect for the Tenth and, moreover, it does not add anything to the day.

WPC, 21, and Superintendent?s wife, 37, fight on North Front Street

This morning in the Belize Magistrate?s Court, police charged one of their own, Woman Police Constable Alice Francis Gillett, 21, of #3543 Fabers Road, along with Esperanza Leal, a teller and the wife of Superintendent Leal, Director of Belmopan Training School, with ?wounding? each other.

The charges were filed as a result of an altercation between the two women which occurred on Wednesday, August 23, at about 10:50 p.m. in front of the Belize City Council building on North Front Street.

A rotting corpse in a countryside latrine

This evening police are trying to discover the identity of a body found in an advanced state of decomposition floating in a latrine at an abandoned site in the Mount Pleasant area, located between Miles 44 and 45 on the Western Highway.

Last night, police received a call around 8:30 p.m. from someone in the area, who complained that a foul stench was coming from somewhere nearby.

Pawpa Brown hearing: prosecution agrees with defense, but still objects to bail

Today, Chief Magistrate Herbert Lord said that he would be returning with his ruling next week Tuesday, August 23, at 10:00 a.m., on the submission of bail application made today by defense counsel, Senator Dickie Bradley, for Andrew ?Pawpa? Brown, 39, who is presently on extradition trial, and his brother, Floyd Brown, still awaiting trial on similar charges.

Bradley?s first reason for requesting bail was because the indictment that allowed the brothers to be delivered with a warrant of apprehension was sent for three persons and not only the brothers. He noted also that the third person was here in Belize on July 15, the day the Brown brothers were detained.


October 2003 ? GOB and Prosser sign Memorandum of Understanding for BTL sale

February 17, 2004 ? CHL sells 52.45% to GOB

March 31, 2004 ? GOB enters into Master Agreement and Share Purchase Agreements with ICC. BT issues GOB two unsecured Promissory Notes: (1) US$57 million due April 30, 2004, and (2) US$32.7 million due August 31, 2004. No collateral backed these notes but ICC guaranteed them.

April 1, 2004 ? ICC assumes control of BTL.

Ungaro rules for GOB ? green light for ECOM sale

Having received a positive ruling in the Miami court this week, the Government of Belize will ?move forward expeditiously? to close negotiations with Lord Michael Ashcroft for the further sale of at least 12% of shares in Belize Telecommunications Limited?a sale that is likely to return Ashcroft to a controlling position in BTL a year and seven months after his exit from the company. Ministers Godfrey Smith (Tourism) and Francis Fonseca (Education/Attorney General) briefed the media on the ruling and its implications at the Central Bank on Wednesday afternoon.

Rosalie Parham Gordon, 29, needs financial assistance for heart surgery

A mother of two children, Rosalie Parham Gordon, 29, a housewife, is greatly in need of public assistance in acquiring funds to seek medical attention for open-heart surgery.

Amandala spoke with Rosalie, who is experiencing a lot of pain in the chest due to a mitral valve prolapse in her heart that is thickening. This can lead to abnormal heart rhythms or heart failure.

Who will finance GOB?s buy back of BWS?

The Government of Belize announced last week Friday that it would repurchase the 82.68% shareholding in the Belize Water Services, which it had sold to the British/Dutch company, CASCAL, in 2001. It?s a US$28.6 million deal, and the biggest question has been, where will the cash-strapped Government with limited borrowing capacity find the money?

?Through diplomatic efforts with friendly governments, we hope to find the appropriate mechanism,? Minister of Information and Foreign Affairs, Hon. Godfrey Smith, told the media in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Smith would not be more specific than that.

GOB says it will buy back BWS and sell back to Belizeans

The Government of Belize announced on Friday that it would repurchase majority interest in the Belize Water Services from CASCAL B.V., a British/Dutch company, and sell the shares to Belizeans.

GOB said Friday that it would give CASCAL a down payment of US$14.9 million when the share purchase agreement is completed on or before October 3, 2005. The CASCAL shares would then be transferred to GOB. Subsequently, GOB would pay the US$9.9 million balance by installments over the next 4 years at interest of 10% per annum. The money would be paid to CASCAL in US dollars.

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