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Central Zone high school basketball games update

BELIZE CITY–Here is an update on results of high school basketball games for females (F) and males (M) since last week Monday in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) Basketball Tournament 2014-2015, being played at Bird’s Isle.

On Monday, November 10, (F) Gwen Liz High edged SCA, 18-17 (GLH – Tyra Moreira 9 pts; SCA – Tricia Jefferies and Halle Spence 4 pts each). And (M) E.P. Yorke trounced Belize High School, 74-26 (EPY – Kenroy Davis 16 pts, Nigel Myvett and Tyron Canton 10 pts each).

On Tuesday, November 11, it was (F) Maude Williams High, 32-24, over Ladyville Tech (MWH – Ashley Bailey 21 pts; LTH – Dejayney Noralez 18 pts); and (M) Wesley over Gwen Liz, 65-61 (WES – Shaquille Crawford 25 pts, Kyron Samuels 9 pts; GLH – Karl Smith 19 pts, Darney Garcia 16 pts).

On Wednesday, November 12, (F) SCA dropped Maude Williams High, 21-11 (SCA – Halle Spence 11 pts, Tricia Jefferies 6 pts; MWH – Ashley Bailey 11 pts). And (M) SJC crushed Maude Williams, 79-40 (SJC – Sydney Bradley 18 pts, Kyle Pitts 16 pts; MWH – Darvin Sutherland 12 pts, Kenroy McKoy 9 pts).

Thursday, November 13, saw (F) ACC getting the 31-11 win over Pallotti High (ACC – Micah Miguel 10 pts; PHS – Shamira Middleton 5 pts). And (M) Excelsior High blasted Belize High School, 83-27 (EHS – Justin Marin 32 pts, Pavon Adolphus 22 pts; BHS – Peter Kong 11 pts, Eric Liu 9 pts).

On Friday, November 14, (F) Gwen Liz High squeaked past Wesley, 19-18 (GLH – Kayla Bowen 12 pts; WES – Kristy Terry 9 pts, Kandice Jeffords 6 pts). And (M) SJC beat Gwen Liz, 69-46 (SJC – Sydney Bradley 21 pts, Jovar Lopez and Stefan Cabral 8 pts apiece; GLH – Karl Smith 15 pts, Kafele Garcia 8 pts.

In games scheduled for Saturday, November 15, (F) Pallotti won by default (20-0) over Ladyville Tech. (M) Wesley prevailed, 60-50, over Nazarene High (WES – Shaquille Crawford 23 pts, Kirkland Lambey 8 pts; NHS – S. Valerio and Calvin Tench, Jr. 15 pts each). And (M) E.P. Yorke dropped Ladyville Tech, 75-67 (EPY – Akeem Baptist 38 pts, Kenroy Davis 19 pts; LTH – Degron Joseph 17 pts, Rashid Bethran 13 pts).

Both games scheduled for this week Monday, November 17, were forfeited. (F) Gwen Liz won by default (20-0) over Ladyville Tech; and (M) Sadie Vernon Tech also won by default (20-0) over Excelsior High.

Action resumed on Tuesday, November 18, with (F) SCA edging Wesley, 22-20 (SCA – Tricia Jefferies 9 pts; WES – Shanice Neal 8 pts). And (M) SJC got the better of Wesley, 70-54 (SJC – Dudley Erskine 24 pts, Jovan Lopez 19 pts, Sydney Bradley 13 pts; WES – Shaquille Crawford 34 pts, James Morris 10 pts).

Yesterday was Garifuna Settlement Day, so no games were scheduled; and we have not yet received the results for today’s games, which were: (F) Ladyville Tech vs ACC; and (M) Nazarene High vs ACC.

Upcoming schedule-:

Fri. Nov. 21:  (F) PHS vs SCA; (M) SVT vs BHS; (M) SJC vs ACC.

Sat. Nov. 22:  (F) GLH vs ACC; (M) EPY vs EHS; (M) MWH vs WES

The CSSSA basketball tournament only tipped off on Tuesday, October 28, and already the regular season should end with games this coming Saturday, with the playoffs scheduled to commence on Monday, November 24. That is because the 7 female teams are playing a single round-robin; and the 11 male teams are divided into Divisions 1 and 2, with 6 and 5 teams, respectively, and each Division plays a single round-robin. So the 2014-2015 CSSSA basketball regular season for the boys is 4 games or 5 games long, depending on which Division they are in.

The top 4 female teams make the playoffs; while the top 2 males teams from each Division (4 teams in all) will make the male playoffs. With semifinals completed by Saturday, November 22, the best-of-3 games championship Finals series is scheduled to commence on Monday, December 1. The Nationals are set for the following Friday & Saturday, December 12-13.

(Information courtesy CSSSA President, Deon Sutherland)Sports-Banner

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