Sports — 25 April 2018
Charger sub-keeper, Norman “Maniprat” Humes, passes

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Apr. 23, 2018– You know you are in the veteran stage of life when you are with increasing regularity shaken up with the news of one of your former football colleagues making that final transition.

A couple weeks ago I was informed that veteran great goalie, some say he was the best ever, Wilfred “Palmer” Davis was in hospital in Chicago, after suffering a heart attack. A super star from the sixties, Palmer was our captain/sweeper one year with Charger in the mid-70s.

Just this evening, I understand that my mid-80s goalkeeper on Milpros, Wayne “Bom” Jones is back in hospital at the KHMH, and he is very weak. Other teammates are encouraged to give him a shout, as it lifts his spirit.

Tonight, I am told that my Charger sub-keeper, Norman “Maniprat” Humes, who also built the house I now live in, has left us, and will be laid to rest on Friday. Our number one keeper on Charger, who already left us, Noel “Flying Fargo” Ferguson was spectacular; his second string, Maniprat was solid when we needed him, and always “heart and soul,” as we used to say.

Another keeper I can’t forget, who held goal for us on Diamond-A in the early ‘70s, was Roland “Cuando Caliente el Sol” Craig (I think that was his last name.)  Anybody knows where Sol is today, if he is still with us?

It is seldom the most glamorous position on a football team. Usually, few players want to “mind goal.” For most of us, it’s much more fun running around the field and dribbling against the opponents, than having them take shots at you between the sticks. It’s a job that somebody has to do; it takes a special kind of person to stay focused and resilient against the toughest attackers in the game.

Good teammates are never forgotten. Love and respect always, and Rest In Peace, mi keeper, Norman “Maniprat” Humes.

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