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Civilization and Maya

Dear Editor,

The Maya Civilization has persisted for more than 52,000 years. It began two Great Cycles, or Platonic Years ago, each cycle 25,920 years. That is two complete precessions of the equinoxes, or Zodiacal turns.

This will be described here in simplified terms and in more detail in a future space. Human civilization, the seeds of man, or human souls, represented by the moon; move around the planet. We do this as part of our learning; we cycle all points, or spheres in spiraling patterns of great complexity. This holds true for race, culture, religion, area of habitat and nation, philosophy, art and sciences.

All 5 races take turns holding the seat of economic influence and control; philosophy, science, art and much more. All are spheres of thought, and the distribution of these forces are equalized over time in what may appear as a long time, but are but a blink of an eye in the re-evolution of the Hu-Man, or Hunab-Ku, the divine soul of humanity on its journey back to its origin, the One.

All the races contribute equally to all the arts and sciences. We argue these points with great effort and pride amongst ourselves: “I” did this, and “we” did this; my church is better than yours; my culture gave the world this; we ruled that, and on and on. The truth shall set you free and you will, eventually realize how silly these arguments become when one day you realize you are but an aspect of One Mind, and that we are, and there IS but One mutual Being.

The simple truth is that we, all people of the planet, take turns as the villains and the heroes in the distant past of mythology, most of which originates in truths, however distorted, and in current events. These are truths we will find when we, in turn, take steps to pierce the Veil of Isis, as it were. The Veil of Isis is a Blanket of Grace; one that keeps us from recalling all our past incarnations upon this Earth; for if we did we would all be neurotic and mentally disturbed by all that we have done in our past. We, all, accomplish an equal share of good and evil (ego); both are forces that inevitably drive us toward good, or God.

Were it not so, as we ascend and grow in consciousness, we would have no understanding and sympathy, or love, for other beings. The achievement of unconditional love; the way God loves every soul equally, cannot be achieved in any other way. To forgive another person; to understand another person, to shine on everyone, we must first have committed the same acts in previous lives; all thoughts and deeds must have been part of previous experiences.

I Am Maya (an illusion); I was once a very powerful Maya (in body), and the many crimes I committed were of the most brutal and controlling nature, impeding the free will of other fellow beings. This is karma to be repaid, in full, in this life. We begin as young souls; learning fight and flight, and eventually grow to become rulers and politicians. Our crimes become increasingly complex as we learn to hide our material desires, in feeble attempts to control our environment.

Yet, inevitably, we understand that there is only one Mind and One Controller, one that allows Free Will so that we may all learn to stand alone and unaffected and develop fully as a Seed (sun) of Man; the seed (son) of God – to become an ever greater part of The Tree of Life, from which we once fell.

Atlantis, the lost seat of the advanced consciousness of the 4th root race of humanity, began to sink 2 cycles ago and spread, in time, to India, Egypt, China, The Yucatan, South and North America, England, Greece, Spain, France, Africa, Japan, Australia; to every continent, or sphere and sub sphere. The land sunk, over time, and all the objects left behind became attributable to later cultures as a source of pride. Though most simply vanished with time, there are plenty of clues for anyone with “eyes to see”.

The Maya Civilization was first seeded by Atlanteans who mixed with a few scattered pre-Incas (once the land of Oz, or Og, according to Edgar Cayce) and some from other lost lands, lost at the same time in the Pacific. In the lands of Peru you will find many busts showing clearly every race on the planet: black, red, yellow, white, brown. At this time we are so mixed that not one person among us can truly lay claim to any one race as being “my” race; nor can we truly lay claim to any land or culture as “mine” or “yours”. The separation is decreasing as the planet matures, but as long as there is a difference between my family and your family, we will need guidance and some rules to live by.

Yet, as far as races go, we have all left our traces in the land of Maya. The Atlanteans brought astrological, astronomical, spiritual and technological knowledge here to the Yucatan with periodicity while they were waning, and in between and in later years the different races have been here and have left significant contributions as they inhabited the area in interchanging majority/minority, as in the waxing/ waning moon. The most notable and obvious are the symbology shared between India and the Maya. Interestingly, you will find both golden flamboyant and orchids on the Yucatan, that are native to both India and China; and I only looked at a handful to find those.

Take good look at the Olmec clay pottery (above) photographed by the National Geographic Society archeological trip 1939-1940 in the Yucatan peninsula. The earrings share the ring within a ring symbology found in the Maya sun symbol. Then there is all the medicinal knowledge left by the ancient Chinese people in the Yucatan that survives both amongst the original indigenous Maya and the original indigenous Garifuna, or rather descendants of the original Red Pacific Islanders. Symbology, theory and applications share similarities that are impossible to ignore. There are many books and physical evidence on the Web detailing this.

Anyone studying the same comes to the same conclusion, as did the United Nations in their declaration finding both the original Garifuna and Maya to be indigenous, in fact here long before the British and the Spaniards, who dared to claim it as their own – by the law of the strong and mighty, I suppose, in which smaller nations and long indigenous populations are usurped and their identity washed out by every new master in order to maintain control.

An old farmer explained it this way: “Every now and then a new master appears, be it from here or somewhere else. He arrives with soldiers and tells me I need to be liberated. All that I know is that each and every one steals my cows and my corn and tells me it is for my own good.” This all, of course, stems from the illusion that we are separate from one another and not parts of a whole. That illusion, or Maya, caused the fall of humanity as well as the continuing saga of our planet’s re-evolution back whence we came.

That brings to mind a local Maya that found what appears to be a silver tetradrach, with the image of Alexander the Great, in a Maya village in midwest Belize. This coin, narrowing down the very accurate description, leads unmistakably to coins used between 336 and 323 BC. The coin was found in a Maya ruin already excavated and exploited.

The Phoenicians (1500-15 BC.) inhabited Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and were conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. These countries were colonized under Rome by 15BC. The people in the whole region descended from the Canaanites and were predominantly Christian until WWI, as France expanded its borders (Wikipedia). The Phoenician language developed from the proto-Canaanite language and is close to some of the original Atlantean language used still in part by the Basque and many others. They still use a pyramid for “d” or delta, and an eye or a circle, for an eye or “I”. This brings up the left and right Eyes of God; left (right brain and the Eye – female) and right (left brain and the “I” (male and ego in union of m/f)). The Eye on top of a pyramid, now seen as the spying “eye” of control, is the symbol for the all-seeing eye of God; the pineal/ pituitary gland and the internal double rung snake, DNA, or Ladder of Jacob, by which humanity is able to liberate itself from the mental bondage of any other; and the self-same mechanism by which angels ascend and descend.

The Phoenician, or Middle Eastern influence in the land of Maya is apparent in their similarities of pottery making that appear to have been brought in part by the Phoenicians in terms of black, orange, and especially purple, a Maya favorite as a general background color. The extensive use by the Maya of black and red in their pyramids is also a result of the evolution of the human sensitivity to colors, increasing in sensitivity as the Seed of Man matures.

The same Phoenicians brought the Olmecs and this appears to be the consensus on the World Wide Web of countless individual researchers. It may also appear that the ancient Chinese were part of bringing their solar calendar to the Maya as found by Daniel Maddux, a researcher who travels the Yucatan in service to humanity (mayantempleenergies.com).

In fact, as we, as souls cycle race and cycle living space and regions, the exactness and dates of this little interlude is really not the important point to be made here, though this is also supported broadly across the Web with regard to mtDNA and the now common 5 major Haplo groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and X. But those of us that are here, now, wherever you happen to find yourself — you belong there by virtue of your past; each move and each thought is organized by our internal karma in the form of lessons and debts from the past.

The only difference between people is not race, for we are but One Love, but whether we are young or old souls. The responsibility rests with the old souls to assist the younger souls and allow ample space and time to fail and succeed, with grace and patience.

We, humanity, are all One race and we need every life to succeed; each race brings a unique benefit to any civilization, in time. Now, if we can unite, as brothers and sisters, in co-creation, applying the Golden Rule of all religions; then we may stand strong in any wind, no matter the force. In Laa’Kesh. –Maya.

Maya Belize

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