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Clinton Canul to Brother Colin

On Friday, July 24, 2020, I was honored in Brother Colin Hyde’s essay under the Title “Hart Like a Savior”. Thank you, brother Colin Hyde, for mentioning my name. Probably you may not know or have not noticed that there are those who find it very difficult to mention my name and others who are prohibited from doing so. Could it be because I am a socialist or I am not of the Baymen Clan team? I cannot be convinced of a story written from the colonial apologists’ viewpoint because made-up things bring along with them a lot of unanswered questions.

For example, the corresponding authority says that Corporal Samuel Alfred Haynes was a leader of the 1919 British Honduras Volunteer soldier riot which today is referred to as a successful revolution. Successful??? The 1810 Mexican Revolution was a success, the same as the 1959 Cuban Revolution, just to mention a couple. At the same time, those who are versed in the uprising say that RSM McDonald and others patrolled North Front Street, Queen Street and other areas, chased the rioters to their homes and pacified the contingent. Haynes and McDonald satisfied the interest of the Elite Class Royal Creoles and Britishers. He was a loyal subject to the British Crown, regardless of the treatment received.

Here we have a black man trained and educated by the British in a colonial system who penned a poem, “O Land of the Gods”. Did someone ask him what he meant by using the Christian holy word “God(s)”, or are you only speculating? Sometime ago I penned a poem in English which was published in the Amandala. No one asked me what I meant. Should someone try to analyze it, they won’t know the message I was expressing, because a word was used which is a surname in another language, but in Spanish it has another meaning. If Samuel Haynes wanted to include the Maya gods, he wouldn’t have used a capital “G”. In addition, it would be very interesting to know the dates and post he had at the British Estate Company.

[email protected]
July 31, 2020
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

After 39 years of political independence, the architects for the social planning of Belize were not able to at least protect the working class. They had created a labor law that serves the interest of the employer, and not of the workers. An example in this 21st Century is the situation affecting the stevedore community and the Christian Workers Union (CWU), without putting aside the Northern Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the 2009 event at the Orange Walk Sugar Factory, and we can continue to list incidents of historical union busting, such as that of the General Workers Union etc.etc.etc. Neoliberal Capitalism. Duck, Coconoboy

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