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Britain comes first!!!

The U.S military budget for 2016 is $521.7 billion.

According to usgovernmentspending.com, in FY 2016 total US government spending on welfare— federal, state and local — is “guesstimated” to be $1,084 billion, including $610 billion for Medicaid, and $474 billion in other welfare.

Illiteracy Statistics – statistic brain

Number of U.S. adults who can’t read ……………………….32,000,000
Percent of prison inmates who can’t read………………….70 %
Percent of high school graduates who can’t read………….19 %
Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read (below a basic level)………..14 %

According to http://winnyc.org/wins-nyc-homeless-crisis/ New York City alone has the following: Each night in New York City nearly 60,000 people come “home” from work, school, job searches, food shopping, and doctor’s appointments to a homeless shelter. They have no house, no apartment; no place can they call their own.

Homelessness has a profound effect on the lives of thousands in our city who not only are faced with overwhelming obstacles and limited resources, but also battle the stereotypes of homelessness. Many have experienced considerable stress staying in multiple settings to avoid shelter life… doubling up in overcrowded apartments with relatives and friends or even living in abandoned buildings.

Complex issues have led to their homelessness, but what they all have in common is insufficient financial resources to obtain or maintain housing. Most have incomes below the poverty level, and, while many continue to receive some form of public assistance, many others are among the working poor. These include people who were barely able to scrape together the rent until someone lost a job or was hit by an unexpected medical expense. But most disturbing is that homelessness is not just about adults who have lost their way; in fact close to half of the homeless are children caught in circumstances beyond their control. Children who, in addition to having their development, health, and education severely impacted, are teased in school because of their situation and celebrate birthdays, holidays, and graduations away from friends and other family members because it’s uncomfortable to have visitors at the shelters.

According to Spain’s newspaper, THE LOCAL, back in January 05/2016, the candidate for president of the USA, Donald Trump, unveiled his first TV ad incorporating footage of migrants fleeing Morocco into Spanish enclave… ban on Muslims entering the United States. The voice said: “We shall make America great again.”
Migrants storm Spain-Morocco border fence

AFP · 27 Jun 2016, 08:18

More than 100 migrants tried to jump the border fence from Morocco into the Spanish enclave of Melilla on Sunday, with 30 making it across, authorities said.


The displacement of people from one place to the other is not something new. This has been taking place from way back in history and there has always been a reason for such behavior. In 1492 Spain and Portugal could have gotten a large amount of land, water, etc. Thereafter, the other European nations had followed and warred among themselves for the control of the wealth of this place we call America. It is not surprising that a well-orchestrated system had been implemented before the inception of a European Union. The British illuminati had never swallowed the pill of good will coming from her daughter that is why; today we can understand the reason why Great Britain decided not to change her sterling pound for the Euro dollar. It was not expected by the innocent ones that all these wars that have taken place after the Second World War and most of all that of the Middle East would have affected the economy and the livelihood of the inhabitance of the European Union. The British knew that this would happen someday and in time the majority of the Britishers decided to separate themselves from what it costs to remain as a member of a place which was dictating to them what they should do, how they should live, how they should produce their goods and to whom they should sell it, in other words, controlled by the same U.S. neo-conservatism.


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1 July, 2016
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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