General — 25 September 2007 — by Keisha Milligan
“Cluck Cluck” murdered “big Sunday afternoon”
Someone had tried to kill Kurlin “Cluck Cluck” Felix, 30, earlier this year by stabbing him, but he survived. Yesterday afternoon, sometime after 2:00, Felix’s luck ran out. He died after being shot five times while he was hanging out under a bus stop on Central American Boulevard, located just across the entrance from Jane Usher Boulevard.
Police said that yesterday, at 2:15 they visited the area, where they saw Felix lying on the ground suffering from three gunshot wounds to the chest, one to the right side of the neck and in his right hand.
Felix’s friend, Kevin Hendy, 34, who was along with him under the bus stop, was shot in his right leg and grazed in his back. Another young man, one Josh, who was also with Hendy and Felix, escaped unharmed.
Initial investigations revealed that a single gunman riding a bicycle approached them and began firing. Hendy ran and escaped into a yard, but not before he was shot. Josh also ran in the same direction, and escaped harm. Felix ran in the opposite direction, but fell into a drain.
That is when, according to police, the gunman went towards him and shot him as he lay helpless in the drain. The gunman then escaped, added police.
Both Hendy and Felix were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) for treatment. Hendy was treated for his injuries and released, but Felix was pronounced dead on arrival.
Police said that they have one person detained for Felix’s murder and the attempted murder of Hendy.
Amandala today spoke with Felix’s mother, who does not want her name mentioned. She said that she was at home when she got a phone call from one of her sons who is in prison. He informed her that his eldest brother was said to be dead, lying on the Central American Boulevard. She resides about three blocks away from where the incident occurred. She jumped into a taxi and rushed to the area.
When she got there she saw her son lying on his back, in blood. They had obviously taken him out of the drain. She cannot say where the shots were, as she rubbed her hands over her son’s face, asking him why he came out of his house.
Police gave Felix’s mother a dollar, his cellular phone and his house keys, which were in his pocket. There was a gallon of wine under the bus stop also, but the police took it and said they would use it for fingerprints.
Felix’s mother added that her son knew that someone wanted him dead. He had heard and seen men circling for him in his neighborhood.
Last year, just after his birthday, Felix was shot as he was on Fabers Road. That was just after the burial of his sister, Cheryl Felix, who was a police officer. She died of medical problems.
The deceased Felix’s mother said that she is dealing with a lot, because while today is her son’s birthday (the one who called her from prison), she also has another son in prison, and this Thursday will mark one year since the death of her daughter. Both her sons are in prison on murder charges.
In the incident where Felix was stabbed, he almost lost his voice, because he had been stabbed in his neck.
No funeral arrangements have been finalized for Cluck Cluck as yet.
Up to press time tonight, police had not revealed the name of the person in custody.

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