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Shyne reps Belize at 2022 BET Awards

In a special tribute to his former...

Kathleen “Mams” Maud Meheia, JP

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022     Funeral...

Constructive criticism of FFB “process”

SportsConstructive criticism of FFB “process”

Abdul-Waahid Ibn George (formerly Nolbert Moss) comments in Facebook

June 13 at 4:05 PM  · 

   I was Director of Competitions when TD Marin coined this phrase: “Believe in the Process”.  I asked for the process description and received no response. Given that competitions provide the main context for any process output, one would think that The Director of Competitions would be in on the process.
   Whatever the process is, it is known only to a few.

   My take is that all functionaries should be oriented with the details of this process. The Belizean public should be apprised of the basic elements of this process, given that this process is touted to deliver “internationally recognized football” for the benefit of Belizeans who the national teams represent.
   As a process engineer, I would like the process architect to share the process description, to include process inputs, process capability, process outputs, constraints and controls.
   From what I gather based on actions of FFB on the international scene, the process may be described as engaging FFB elite teams in as much international competitions as possible with hope that players of Charlie Slusher, Elroy Smith, Elroy Kuylen, Harrison Roches, Denmark Casey, Lennox Castillo, Joe West, Martin Nolberto, Shane Orio, Deon McCaulay, Benedictine Lopez, Tash Gutierrez, Malanga Mayen, calibre will just pop out the woodwork… 

(AMANDALA Sports Ed. Note:  “TD Marin” refers to current Technical Director of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), Mr. Phillip Marin.  Mr. Ibn George, the former FFB Director of Competitions, is the founder and general secretary of the Belize Football Players Association (BFPA) which has its own Facebook page.)

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