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Home Headline Contractor General’s home invaded and cars stolen 

Contractor General’s home invaded and cars stolen 

CAYO DISTRICT, Sun. Feb. 21, 2021– On Sunday morning, four masked men invaded the San Ignacio home of the Contractor General, Omar Mitchell, in a step-by-step execution of a daring daylight break-in, during which they tied up Mitchell and stole two trucks.

Reports from local media are that Mitchell was at his home located on Benque Viejo Road when he was alerted of the presence of the home invaders by his barking dogs. Not knowing who or what was causing the agitation of the dogs, he went to make checks and was caught off guard by the first gunman. Reports are that three others emerged from nearby bushes and proceeded to take him inside.

He was then reportedly dragged into a room, where he was bound before the four men proceeded to ransack his home, after which they would ultimately take off in two of his vehicles — a Toyota Hilux, blue in color, and a navy-blue Toyota Prado.

The bandits, reported to be of Hispanic descent, also stole his laptop and cellphone.

After the men left, a neighbor rescued Mitchell after hearing his calls for help. Mitchell, who had suffered minor physical injuries during the break-in, was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

In 2012, the media had reported a previous daylight carjacking in which Omar Mitchell was also the victim. Reports are that two men of Hispanic descent took over the same blue Toyota Hilux that was stolen in this recent incident, but before escaping with the vehicle they had attempted to inject Mitchell with an unknown substance according to then Sr. Supt. Chester Williams.

The vehicle was ultimately recovered by police in that instance.

On February 3, 2020, Omar Mitchell was appointed Contractor General for a period of three years.

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