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Court to look at Compol Chester Williams’ actions against Police Association president

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 6, 2019– Early in his tenure as Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams locked horns with the president of the Police Association, Corporal Eldon Arzu, by attempting to limit the term of office of the association’s president and then transferring Arzu. Arzu filed a lawsuit seeking the intervention of the court to restrain the Commissioner from proceeding with actions that could be seen as unfairly targeting him as the president of the Police Association. The matter went to the Supreme Court and was adjourned to today, when the parties again squared off before Justice Shona Griffith.

When the hearing ended late this morning, Justice Griffith granted permission to Arzu to file a judicial review of Commissioner Williams’ decision.

Arzu’s attorney, Stacy Grinage, summarized what transpired in court this morning.

Grinage explained that Corporal Arzu had filed an application for permission for a judicial review of Commissioner of Police Williams’ decision to transfer him with immediate effect.

Grinage went on to explain that they viewed the Commissioner of Police’s decision as being flawed and unlawful.

“Our position is that the decision was geared to remove Corporal Arzu as the head of the Police Association,” Grinage said.

Grinage said that the court found that there is an arguable case with real prospects of succeeding.

“We were given up to May 23 to file the claim forms along with other directions,” Grinage said.

Grinage said that the dates for the hearing have been set for July 22 and 23.

“The Commissioner of Police acted ultra-vires and in breach of Corporal Arzu’s legitimate expectations, as head of the Police Association,” Grinage said.

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