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Covid-19 is testing the tenacity of vaccination

Needless to say, with each passing day, the number of new Covid-19 cases are trending upwards. What is also increasing is the amount of precious lives being lost to this callous virus, almost on a daily basis. The steady and prolific increase in Covid-19 infections and death is propelled by a community spread that is exacerbating the amount of infections daily. As we battle this callous third wave amid very lax restrictions and impositions to contain and mitigate the spread of the virus, something is becoming more eerily apparent. The daily info-graphics put out by the Ministry of Health are silently promulgating a salient message: Covid-19 is testing the tenacity of vaccination.

On a daily basis, as the new number of Covid-19 cases and deaths are reported, the new info-graphic design publishes the status of the infected and the deceased. What is becoming more apparent is the number of people who (despite) being inoculated, have contracted the virus or have lost their lives to the virus. As depicted above, for Monday, October 4, of the 47 people that were hospitalized, 16 of them had received either one dose of the vaccine or had been fully inoculated. That eye opening revelation is saying that roughly 34% of active hospitalizations have received either the first dose or have been fully vaccinated. Given that the vaccine acts as a buffer against Covid-19, such a number points to the fact that this wave is putting a toll on our lives as it relates to our collective health and safety.

Additionally, as it relates to ICU admissions, the data released for Monday, October 4, depicts a total of 14 ICU admissions. Of the 14 ICU admissions, 7 or 50% of the intensive care patients had not been inoculated. Alarming, though, is that the other 7, which represents 50%, either received their first dose or had been fully vaccinated and thus, had still been admitted to the ICU as a result of Covid-19. I will hazard a guess to think that those who have been vaccinated and have contracted the virus and have gotten critically ill must be in a state of befuddlement. While vaccines do not prevent one from catching or spreading the virus, it should provide a strong defense mechanism against the virus and becoming seriously ill. However, the numbers suggest that this wave of Covid-19 is putting the vaccines to the test.

Furthermore, as it relates to death, the daily report for Monday, October 4 is startling. The report reveals that there were a total of 4 deaths for that particular day. Of the 4 deaths reported on that day, 3 of the 4 who lost their battle to the virus were fully vaccinated. While the unique and individualized circumstances surrounding their deaths is unknown, the fact that 3 fully vaccinated persons lost their lives in one day is indeed cause for concern. Naturally, Covid-19 aside, there are other underlying factors and conditions that may have contributed adversely to their demise; however, such revelation puts the veracity of vaccination into question and quite frankly makes it look iffy!

Notwithstanding that, regardless of the numbers and the statistics, what remains imperative is that we do our endeavor best to adhere to the safety procedures and best practices. The biggest take away from the daily report as displayed above is the fact that Covid-19 remains a very serious and potentially deadly virus. For those who act in abeyance of the best practices because you have been inoculated, the info-graphic reveals that the vaccines are not impregnable and cannot be regarded as anything more than a tenuous defense. At the end of the day, your ultimate protection starts with you and in adhering to the Covid-19 protocols and procedures. In other words, your best protection against the virus is prevention; because Covid-19 is testing the tenacity of inoculation.

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