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COVID-19 update: 4176 confirmed cases, 70 deaths

BELIZE CITY, Sun. Nov. 8, 2020– Since our last update on November 6, 269 new confirmed cases of SARS-CoV2 have been recorded across the country. Unfortunately, six more deaths have also been recorded during that short span of time, as well.

Hospitalizations are also increasing. Data released on November 8 indicated that 13 persons were hospitalized in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital COVID-19 Unit. A number of COVID-19 patients are also currently hospitalized in the Western and Northern Health Region.

While, as projected by the Director of Health Services (DHS), it seems that the country is on an upward trajectory in terms of the number of cases, the screening protocols at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) appear to be working effectively.

To date, the Office of the DHS has recorded 12 cases that were identified at the PGIA in data released in daily infographics. The first case was discovered at the airport on October 4, just days after the reopening of the PGIA.

On November 4, the most recent case among travelers arriving at the airport was identified. That person is a resident of Yo Creek, Orange Walk. The DHS said that the increased number of PGIA arrivals is an issue, but to date, no failures or shortfalls in the screening protocols at the airport have been publicized.

The most recent COVID-19 fatalities were recorded on November 8. Two male persons passed on that day. One of the two is a 66-year-old man with a history of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension who died on arrival at the Northern Regional Hospital. Reports are that he was ill at home but did not seek medical attention.

The other death is that of a 25-year-old man from Corozal. Details surrounding his death have not yet been released.

One person died on November 7: an 80-year-old man from Orange Walk. He also had a history of hypertension and suffered from respiratory symptoms for about 72 hours.

On November 6, a woman in her 50’s who resided in San Estevan died while at the Northern Regional Hospital. She is reported to have had other co-morbidities which contributed to her passing.

And on November 5, two men also passed away. A man in his 80’s died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s ICU COVID-19 Unit. The second man who died is a resident of San Ignacio. He was swabbed as a highly suspected case, and the result of his test was positive.

To date, 70 persons in Belize have died as a result of COVID-19, which equates to a fatality rate of 1.68%. The majority of deaths recorded are of male persons— 48 in total, which constitutes 68.5% of total deaths as of November 8.

Twenty-two female persons have died from COVID-19 in Belize to date.

The Ministry of Health is monitoring the increased hospitalization rate across the country. Four patients are currently intubated at the KHMH and 13 others are admitted at the COVID-19 Unit.

The Western Regional Hospital had 5 patients in their COVID-19 unit on Sunday, and there were three confirmed cases at the Corozal Community Hospital, as well as a highly suspect case.

The Northern Regional Hospital had 2 confirmed cases in their COVID-19 unit at the time of the report.

In regards to the emergence of new cases across the country, we continue to see high numbers in the Orange Walk District. On November 5, from a batch of 242 samples, 72 new positive cases were identified.

In Orange Walk, 36 new cases were identified: 21 were found in Stann Creek; 5 in Belize and Corozal respectively; 3 in Cayo, and 2 in Toledo.

30 recoveries were recorded on that date.

Thirty-nine new cases were identified on November 6 from a small set of 96 samples. The majority of cases —19 —were again found in Orange Walk. In Corozal, 7 new cases were found and 9 popped-up in Belize. In Cayo and Stann Creek, there were two new cases. Seven (7) recoveries were recorded.

On November 7, 60 new cases were found from a batch of 187 samples. The Orange Walk and Belize Districts had 15 cases each. Corozal had 7 new cases, and Cayo recorded 14. Also, eight cases were found in Stann Creek.

On November 8, a total of 98 new cases were identified. Of those cases, 38 were identified in Cayo. In the Belize and Toledo Districts, 17 new cases were found. Orange Walk recorded 13 new cases on that day and in Corozal, there were 5.  Stann Creek again recorded 8 new cases.

To date, 41.7% of our cases in Belize remain active. This high percentage of active cases hasn’t been seen since mid-September. Currently, 4,176 cases are confirmed and 1,742 cases remain active.

So far, 2,363 recoveries have been recorded in Belize.

Citizens are advised to continue to practice all prevention measures recommended to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

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