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Covid-19 update

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 8, 2021– Since last Thursday, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has been in the third phase of its emergency mode. The national referral hospital has since had to obtain additional beds to provide care for patients sick with Covid-19.

Dr. Andre Sosa, the chairman of the hospital, has described to reporters the difficulty faced by hospital in dealing with the additional cases of the virus brought on by the pandemic’s third wave due to a lack of human resources, nurses in particular.

The country has also rolled out the Johnson and Johnson vaccines to the public for those persons who have not yet started the inoculation process. The Johnson and Johnson (Jassen) shot is a one-shot vaccination that activates immunity two weeks after being administered.

GOB has also opted to roll out the Pfizer vaccines for all persons over the age of 12 as well. This means adults wanting to take the Pfizer jab are now able to reach out to the vaccination clinic to get immunized.

They are also calling all those persons who have gotten the AstraZeneca vaccine and have passed the two-month threshold to make an appointment to get their second jab.

At this time, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is still seeking the help of practical and registered nurses to bolster the efforts of the vaccination campaign. Interested professionals are asked to apply.

Following a PAHO recommendation on the benefits of vaccination of pregnant and lactating women, and in light of the recent deaths of several pregnant women in the country, Belize has informed the public that the Pfizer jab is now available to women who are currently pregnant or postpartum and lactating.

At this time, according to data released by the Ministry of Health and Wellness this evening, a total of 1,295 active cases of the virus are currently in the country. With the recent surge in Covid-19-related deaths, the total number of fatalities resulting from the virus has jumped to 369.

Today, Wednesday, September 8, a total of 132 new cases were discovered from the batch of 1,440 tests processed. The Ministry recorded 119 additional recoveries and the hospitalization of 32 persons, with 8 of those persons needing intensive care.

Of the 62 cases of the virus found in the Belize District, 48 were discovered in Belize.

The vaccination report released yesterday, Tuesday, September 7, shows a total of 173,648 persons having taken at least the first jab within the country. A total of 15,379 children between the ages of 12-17 have received their first jab.

On September 7, of the 2,216 tests processed, a total of 169 cases were found. New recoveries number 111 and 31 hospitalizations were recorded, with 7 persons being treated in the ICU.

On that day, unfortunately, 5 additional Covid-19 related deaths were added to the list of fatalities: 4 men and 1 woman. Four of those deaths occurred in the Belize District, while 1 death was recorded in Orange Walk.

Of the 78 new cases found in the Belize District, 53 cases were found in Belize City.

In the three-day report for the period from September 4 to 6, the surveillance team processed 3,677 new tests and found 200 new cases. A total of 174 recoveries were recorded and 24 hospitalizations were noted. Eight persons were admitted to the intensive care unit.

One death was recorded, a man from the Belize District.

Of the 81 cases in Belize District found that day, 61 were recorded in Belize City.

And on Friday, September 3, a total of 138 new cases were found in a batch of 2,161 tests processed. A total of 32 persons were hospitalized, with 6 being placed in the ICU. A total of 78 additional recoveries were recorded.

One death was recorded — again a man from the Belize District.

Of the 53 cases found in the Belize District that day, a total of 36 were recorded in Belize City.

On the international scene, the World Health Organization is asking wealthy countries to hold off on administering vaccination booster shots to their population until the vaccination in the rest of the world catches up.

President Joe Biden is expected to call a global vaccination summit in the short term.

The Center for Disease Control has added Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and Brunei to the list of nations for which it has issued a travel warning due to a rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Globally, as of 5:29 p.m. CEST, 8 September 2021, there have been 221,648,869 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 4,582,338 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 6 September 2021, a total of 5,352,927,296 vaccine doses have been administered.

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