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Cricket Corner: Berlan snatched 1st place from Wicked 11

BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 1, 2016–Hello, cricket readers and fans thereof. With the kind sponsorship of this year’s cricket competition, thanks to Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2016 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend.

It was a very beautiful day for cricket in the ever so beautiful village of Flowers Bank. And for the annual event of Flowers Bank Day, the most wonderful event was the cricket game between home team Wicked 11 and Berlan. As I mentioned in my previous article, Wicked 11 held a narrow lead over Berlan. Berlan proved that it was narrow indeed, when they defeated Wicked 11, 105 to 101 with 6 wickets to spare.

Wicked 11 took to bat first. At the start, things were not looking good for the wicked boys, as Orson Flowers took the first wicket for 14, then the second for 21. Then another wicket fell by Jermaine Baizar for 47. Next wicket was taken by Orson Flowers. The score now stands at 61. The fifth wicket fell for 85; 6 for 86. Then field captain Conway Young took the ball. And with his excellent bowling, things completely changed in Berlan’s favor, as the stumps fell in this order – 7 for 99; 8 for 101; 9 for 101; 10 for 101. In this inning, Cordel Robinson scored 29, followed by Trevor Robinson with 14. Conway Young took 4 wickets, giving up 7 runs. Orson Flowers took 3 wickets, giving up 14 runs.

It was now time for lunch break and for chatting with friends and visitors that were enjoying themselves.

Lunch break finished. Time now for Berlan to try and master the score put up in the first inning. Well, as wickets started falling, you could hear cheers from teammates, families and friends of Wicked 11, as the first wicket fell for 1. Then the second fell for 10; the third for 19. Then captain Conway Young decided that things have to change. He went in. Yes, things did change, as he started to hit some boundaries. After scoring 38, he was out. But the score now jumped to 90. The next batsman went in, and no more wickets fell, and Wicked 11’s score was beaten. As aforementioned, Conway scored 38, followed by Maleek Sutherland with 21. Walter Flowers took 2 wickets.

This win puts Berlan in first place in Zone Two. Wicked 11 and Berlan should play a back match, but it was agreed by both teams that Berlan stays at first and Wicked 11 at second.  The third place is still not sure yet, as on Saturday, Brave Union goes to Lords Bank up against Sunrise, who is at third. If Sunrise loses to Brave Union, then Uprising automatically goes to third. So, until after Sunday, third is in the air.

At Boom on Saturday, Uprising defeated Brave Union, 100 to 89, a very close game. For Uprising, Dwayne Hendy scored 25 runs; Keenan Tillett and Alwin Henry took 3 wickets each. For Brave Union, Lyndon Cassasola scored 27 runs, and Jerry Cassasola took 3 wickets.

That is all for this week.

Before closing, I am sending congratulations to all players of teams who will be graduating this Saturday and Sunday. You all have done your best. Continue to strive for the highest you can go. Also, congrats to your proud parents! They have done their part as well.

By the way, my grandson, Colem Burgess is graduating also from SJC. Congrats to you and yours too! You have made us proud. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for reading! Respect and love to one and all!

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