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Cricket Corner

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 7, 2019– A pleasant hello to all cricket players, fans and supporters! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks to the sponsor of this year’s competition, Bowen & Bowen Ltd.

There were some very interesting games played. I believe some brought tears; tears for gladness, and tears for sadness. Before I continue, take a look at the person in the picture (above). This good gentleman, Norman Hugh Donald Bennett, is being seen all cricket season, mostly at Lords Bank, when games are being played. Although he has not played in the big league, only in school, he loves the game. I must mention that he is versed with many of the rules governing cricket in Belize. I have heard him debating about some rules; and he is on par. We must show these gentlemen of age love and respect. They love the game; so I implore you to play the game with love and respect for each other, so that these folks can enjoy it with peace and love for the sport and to you. Respect to you, Mr. Bennett! We love you, sir. Your presence is much appreciated.

Now to the nitty gritty of the games.

Northern Spirit vs Bandits

Although this venue is in Belmopan, we go there first, where Northern Spirit made a visit there to go up against home team Bandits. Bandits is very hot at this time, hitting all who come in contact with them. This match was no different, as the Spirit took to bat first, facing one of Belize’s best bowlers, Glenroy Reynolds (hailing from Lemonal), who cut the Spirit in no time, allowing the team to score only 34. Reynolds took 6 wickets. Bandits went in then, and with only losing one batsman, the Spirit was beaten. I know other teams that have not gone against the Bandits are gearing up to beat them.

Rural Mix vs Brilliant

Let us take a look on the match between Rural Mix and Brilliant at Crooked Tree. Brilliant took to bat and scored 82 all out under the good bowling of Dudley Hendy, who took 5 wickets. Albert Conorquie scored 21 of the 82 runs batted. It’s now time for the Mix to mix things up. And they did, by surpassing Brilliant’s score with 3 spare wickets. Young Keanan Tillett scored 30 of the 85 the Mix batted. Pervian Tillett and Rodwell Conorquie took 4 and 3 wickets, respectively.

BDF vs Old Youth

To continue, Team BDF took care of Old Youths. It’s very sad that up to the time of writing I have not received a complete stats of the game. All I got is that for BDF, Glenford Banner scored 48 runs, and Alexander Reynolds took 6 wickets. For Old Youths, Wilford Dawson scored 10, and M. Rhaburn took 4 wickets.
Sunrise vs Big Deal

Now, at Lords Bank, Sunrise did not have a hard time overpowering Big Deal with a score of 226 to 95. For Sunrise, Zaghi scored 46 and took 3 wickets, followed by Edison Parks with 3 also. For Big Deal, Rishab scored 39, while Shane Young took 4 wickets. Keep it up, Sunrise.

Excellence vs Western Eagles

At Rancho, Excellence took, I would say, advantage of Western Eagles, 186 to 57. Anytime these two teams met, it was always a fight. This time it was different. For Excellence, Percival Flowers and Brandon Broaster batted 34 and 31, respectively. Kenroy Roca took 4 wickets. For the Eagles, Baron Clare scored 34, while Caspur Smith took 5 wickets.

Summer Fever vs Easy Does It

Well, we now look on the match at Lemonal between Summer Fever and home team Easy Does It. There was talking that this game would have been a good one to watch. And, yes, it was a wonderful one. Both teams put everything in it. Easy Does It went to bat first, and under the strong bowling of Jermaine Baizar, who took 4 wickets, Easy Does It batted 121. Julian Reynolds and Sherman Smith scored 34 and 23, respectively. Summer Fever boys took to bat, and at the fall of 7 wickets, the score was beaten. Kenton Young and Maleek Sutherland scored 50 and 25, respectively, of the 124 batted. Cyril Banner and Kenroy Reynolds took 3 wickets each. Summer Fever is kicking up dust!

Berlan vs Wicked 11
On Sunday, all roads led to Flowers Bank, where self-proclaimed “Big Bad” Berlan arrived to take on home team Wicked 11. The Wicked boys took to bat first. It seems that the bowlers were not taking any chances, for when the last wicket fell, the score stood at 95. Not an impressive one; but the bowling of Wicked 11 is very good. In that inning, Winston Flowers scored 29, and Sham took 4 of Wicked 11 stumps. Berlan took to bat next. As I mentioned above, that the Wicked boys have excellent bowlers, my point was proven correct, as Aaron Muslar, another of Belize’s best (again hailing out of Lemonal) took no time in putting down 6 wickets, allowing Big Bad Berlan to only reach 44. Rushane Flowers scored 12. That game stats is embedded in the score book; however, I was made to understand that Berlan is protesting the game on a technical point.  I will just leave it at that.
Thanks for reading, folks!

No games this weekend

Because of the La Ruta Maya River Challenge, the President and executive body of the Association have decided to postpone all games for this weekend.

BNCA Best Batsmen and Bowlers

After 4 weekends of playing, the Association is pleased to announce the best bowlers and batsmen so far.

BEST BOWLERS (most wickets taken):  Glenroy Reynolds – 18 wkts (Bandits); Aaron Muslar – 16 wkts (Wicked 11); Gareth Joseph – 15 wkts (Western Eagles); Shyam – 14 wkts (Berlan); Tyrell Ferguson – 13 wkts (Old Youth).
BEST BATSMEN (most runs scored):  Kenton Young – 187 runs (Summer Fever); Glenford Banner – 160 runs (BDF); Aaron Muslar – 155 runs (Wicked 11); Jermaine Baizar – 140 runs (Summer Fever); Keon Robinson – 133 runs (Wicked 11).

The President and the executive committee congratulate all.  I say, “Well done, boys!  Keep the fire lighted.”
And that’s it, cricket lovers, until next week. Nuff respect to you and yours. Have a blessed and safe weekend!

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