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Cricket Corner

SportsCricket Corner

by Peter Young

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 16, 2023

Greetings to all my cricket families! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks 2023 Cricket Competition is in full swing as the first half is close to an end. I am pleased to inform you of this past weekend’s matches.

St. Paul’s Strikers had no sympathy for Brave 11 Reloaded as the team hammered the Reloaded boys 43 to 44 with 6 spare wickets. For the Strikers, Jerry Cassasola scored 28, and Francis Stephenson took 4 wickets. For the Reloaded team, Basilio Pook scored 6, and Rushane Flowers took 3 wickets.

Tropical Disturbance put a licking on Rising Star, 147 to 148 with 5 wickets to spare. For Tropical Disturbance, Greg Scott scored 77, and Howell Gillett took 4 wickets. Howell was also named Man of that Match. For Rising Star, Lawrence Wade, Jr. scored 57 and also took 3 wickets.

Western Eagles put up a very good and impressive fight against Brilliant. Western Eagles went to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket the score stood at 146, with Jevon Sutherland and Kenton Moses scoring 23 each. Orvin Wade and Keagan Tillett of Brilliant took 4 wickets each of the Eagles team. Brilliant went to bat and, as strong as Brilliant is, it took 8 wickets to surpass the Eagles’ score. Keagan Tillett scored 25, while Marcel McNab took 5 of Brilliant’s wickets.

Excellence took care of Sunrise with style, 91 to 287 with 2 spare wickets. Excellence took to bat first, and after scoring 287 and two wickets to fall, told Sunrise, “Beat that if you can.” Emanuel McFadzean scored 66, while Khalid Khan took 4 of Excellence wickets. Sunrise went in, but tried as they may could only score 91, with Umang scoring 14 and Orson Flowers taking 4 wickets.

Weekend Warriors and Long Journey were neck and neck ‘til Long Journey took the better. Long Journey took to bat first and scored 138, with Jamal Shaw scoring 39, while Anthony Robinson took 3 wickets. The Warriors went in, and at the fall of the last wicket, fell short by 5. Nigel Segura and Kendis Moody took 3 wickets each.

Wicked Eleven didn’t have any manners for Surprise by over-powering them, 75 to 143. When you’re off, the other team has the advantage. For Wicked Eleven, Travis Robinson and Winston Dawson scored 26 and 25, respectively. Tayshawn Moses and Brandon Lewis took 4 and 3 wickets, respectively. For Surprise, Kenroy Reynolds and Learon Muslar scored 16 each, while Chris Banner took 3 wickets.

BDF over Summa Feva, 85 to 161. For BDF, Herman Gordon scored 34, while Glenford Banner took 5 wickets. For Summa Feva, Conway Young scored 25, and Gareth Banner, Jr. took 4 wickets.

Progressive over Brave Union, 88 to 107. Tried as I had, I could not get complete results for this match. However, I learnt that for Brave Union Boys, Keon Flowers scored 30; and for Progressive, Charles Stamp took 5 wickets.  Stamp was also named Man of that Match.

If all goes well, the scheduled games for the weekend are as follows: on Saturday, the 18th – Excellence BDF at BDF, Wicked 11 Brilliant at Crooked Tree, Progressive Rising Star at Sandhill, and St. Paul’s Strikers Long Journey at Gardenia; and on Sunday, the 19th – Western Eagles vs Sunrise at Lords Bank, Weekend Warriors vs Golden Eagles at Rancho, and Tropical Disturbance Brave 11 Reloaded at Willows.

As we go out and play games, let’s pray for the families of their lost loved ones who will be laid to rest this weekend. Miss Rita Banner of Lemonal and Miss Alamae Baizar of Bermudian Landing. May their souls rest in peace.

That’s all, folks.  Have a fun-filled, respectful weekend of cricket matches. Bye Bye!

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