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Cricket Corner – Some teams getting really hot!

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 21, 2019– A pleasant day to all! Welcome to this week’s cricket news. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition resumes after a weekend break. Thanks to the sponsor, Bowen and Bowen!

There were some very nice games played. After hearing results, sorry I could not have been at all games at the same time.

Let’s start at Rancho, where the so very hot Summer Fever was going up against home team Eagles. The Eagles went in to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket, 91 runs were scored.  That’s a small score to Summer Fever, the way they are playing. Marlon Reyes scored 24, followed by Dirk Sutherland with 23. Maleek Sutherland of Summer Fever took 3 of the Eagles wickets.

After lunch break, Summer Fever went to bat. The heavy hands of Yasir Pook, who took 6 big wickets, caused Summer Fever to lose 8 wickets before passing Eagles’ score. In that inning, Kenton Young scored 19 runs. Summer Fever is unbeaten so far.

Bandits took care of Easy Does It at Lemonal, a little easily, with a score of 64 to 67 with 5 spare wickets. For Bandits, Andrew Banner, Jr. scored 23, with Ordel Casasola scoring 22.  Glenroy Reynolds and Andrew Banner, Sr. took 5 and 4 wickets, respectively. For Easy Does It, Gareth Banner scored 15 runs, while Kenroy Reynolds took 3 wickets.

Sunrise had a very easy win over Old Youth, 122 to 94. For Sunrise, Kunal scored 36, while veteran Edison Parks took 5 wickets. For Old Youth, Tyrell Ferguson and Norman Pook took 5 and 4 wickets, respectively.

Wicked 11 did not waste time in beating Big Deal very badly, 306 to 52. For Wicked 11, Aaron Muslar scored 112, and Walter Flowers with 76. Keon Robinson took 4 wickets. For Big Deal, Kafi scored 12, and Phani took 4 wickets.

For the match between Excellence and Brilliant, sad to say, no stats were forthcoming. It has been acknowledged that Excellence won.

Stats for Rural Mix vs Northern Spirit were also not received.

On Sunday, BDF took care of Berlan quite easily, 88 to 90 with 5 spare wickets. For Berlan, Vinod scored 25, and Satish took 3 wickets. For BDF, Herman Gordon scored 31, while Travis Samuels took 4 wickets.

Now, last but not the least, Bandits, who are raging like wild but controlled fire, and have not lost a game yet, went up against Brilliant (on Sunday). Brilliant went to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket scored 131. That’s a good score. Albert Conorque scored 38. Andrew Banner, Sr. took 5 big wickets. Time for Bandits’ soldiers to go and master that score. Well, silence was on both sides, as the game progressed. Leon Hyde tried his best, taking down 3 wickets. But, after losing 8 wickets, Bandits proved as the more experienced team, and whipped Brilliant. Herbert Banner scored 35 runs. With Bandits wining that game, Bandits and Summer Fever are now tied for first place. These two teams will clash on Saturday to prove which team is better. Best of luck to both teams!

Matches scheduled for this weekend are as follows: Excellence vs Northern Spirit at Sandhill; Rural Mix vs Easy Does It at Lemonal; Bandits vs Summer Fever at Landing; and Brilliant vs Western Eagles at Rancho.

Come out, folks, and cheer for your team in a positive form!  Respect to all!  Till next week.

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