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Cricket Corner – Wicked 11 stops BDF

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Apr. 11, 2019– A pleasant time of the day to all! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks for the sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen.

A few games were really hot. In the second half, I’ve noticed that most games are being played with much focus on the games. And then, throughout the first half, players are feeling out their playing colleagues, so they are playing much better.

Let’s start at Rancho, where the tough Easy Does It of Lemonal went up against home team Western Eagles. Easy Does It took to bat first; and, as best and as hard as Dirk Sutherland and Casper Smith tried to get the Easy boys for a low score, it was not to be, as 167 was batted in by Easy Does It at the fall of the last wicket. Dirk and Casper took 5 and 3 wickets, respectively. J. Arnold for Easy Does It scored 30 runs.

It’s time for lunch break. Everyone got busy eating and meeting friends. I had the occasion of meeting and speaking to a friend of mine and once a very good player of Western Eagles, Kenneth Rafael Smith. We talked a while; he reminded me of many games he played with the Eagles and won, when most of the teammates had given up. I have seen him play, and what he said is true. I remembered a game played at Willows Bank. Raf was batting against Raymond “Bully Reg” McFadzean. Five balls he bowled; Raf hit them across the boundary. Reg ran from a distance and bowled at Rafael; Raf hit the ball. Reg ran off the field and went home. Never came back to finish play.

Raf, you had done your part and a good job, friend.

Time for the Eagles to bat. Try as they will, at the fall of the last wicket, the score reached 89. Gareth Banner hit them hard by taking 5 wickets. Dirk Sutherland scored 20.

Bandits, who is proving in every way that they are the baddest, walked over Rural Mix so very easily; 49 to 47, with 9 spare wickets. For Rural Mix, Randy Rhaburn scored 22. For Bandits, Pharon Muslar scored 18, while Glenroy Reynolds got 4 wickets.

Brilliant too walked over Northern Spirit, with a score of 192 to 35. For Northern Spirit, Edwin Segura scored 6, and Andy Dominguez took 4 wickets. For Brilliant, Kevin Tillett scored 38, and Clifford Tillett took 5 wickets. Kevin is doing a thing for Brilliant. Keep it up, bro.

At the start of the competition, Wicked 11 went to play their first game against BDF at the army base. The Wicked boys lost that day, and BDF team continued to win throughout the first half. Wicked 11 did not lose any more games. They met and defeated Berlan. Because of an error in the game, Berlan protested and won.

On Saturday, BDF traveled to Flowers Bank, going up against the home team. The Wicked boys put a strategy in place, and were successful in defeating BDF. The Army took to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket, scored 124. Jarvis Wade scored 33, and Keon Robinson and Winston Dawson took 4 wickets each. After lunch break, the Wicked boys went to bat, trying to show the soldiers that they are visitors and will remain just that. As best as Alexander Reynolds bowled by taking 5 wickets, the Wicked ones surpassed BDF’s score with 3 spares. In that inning, Dwayne Hendy scored 31. BDF is still in first spot.

The following games are scheduled for this weekend:

Saturday:  Group A – Western Eagles vs Northern Spirit at Sandhill; Summer Fever vs Rural Mix at Isabella; Excellence vs Easy Does It at Lemonal; Bandits vs Brilliant at Crooked Tree.  Group B – Wicked 11 vs Sunrise at Flowers Bank; BDF vs Big Deal at Boom.

Sunday:  Berlan vs Old Youth at Sandhill.

The female cricket awards ceremony and games are on for Sunday at Landing.

Until next week, folks! Go out to watch your favorite team. Respect to and for all.

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