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The Crystal Skull

21st December, 2012

The Editor,

In view of the fact that our Mayan ancestors have predicted the world will end today, Friday, December 21st, before we all go it might be helpful to review one of the many frauds perpetrated in their name.

The enclosed Amandala article of June 15th, 2008 has been placed in the permanent files on the CRYSTAL SKULL at the New York branch of the Smithsonian Institution exhibits of Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere. The New York Museum is located at the old US Customs House, at Bowling Green near Battery Park in lower Manhattan.

The “archaeological outrage” I mentioned in the article refers to the first case tried under the law which was signed by President Richard Nixon in 1972 when in April of 1974 an American and a Belizean were convicted of stealing the Mayan Stelae Machaquilla 2 from the jungle in Peten. They brought it to Belize and stored it at a lobster packing facility on North Front Street between the Swing Bridge and the City Council Office before shipping it as “personal effects” to California (US v Hollinshead, 495F2d 1154). Later the FBI seized the dismembered stelae and after undergoing major surgery to fit it with a new backbone, it was returned to Guatemala.

(Signed) Compton Fairweather

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