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Cxh – Football Flashback 3 – Some more names from “back eena di day”

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Apr. 20, 2020– Perhaps, we should have embarked upon recalling prominent teams of the past, and then try and fill in their rosters with the help of old timers from the different football eras; because, each few days, it seems, we remember a few more names of ‘ballers from “dem days.”

For example, imagine, I completely forgot the first goalkeeper I played with in senior football competition on Amateur Sporting Club, one Brian Bennett, who was so intense in goal that he would literally cry tears sometimes when a goal was scored upon him. Also, the legendary Independence goalie “Cuando Caliente el Sol” (a.k.a. Roland Craig), who was the man between the sticks on Diamond-A teams I played with between 1972-74. Sol was not spectacular, but he was “safe,” kneeling down for the slowest ground ball. And then our back-up goalie on Charger, the one and only, Norman “Mani Pratt” Humes. How about our Belprint teammate, karate-man and Punta Rock pioneer, Conrad “Faltas” Nolberto. The cobwebs are clearing, piece by piece.

Looking back, each name rings a bell of memories.

Come to think of it, Belize is a small country; and there were only so many football teams in any given year performing at the Senior level or what was later called the First Division. Over the course of a few years, many of the same players remained active, sometimes moving to a different team, some eventually retiring, and a few younger ones joining the fray. Also, it was the norm for the top teams to attract and recruit any outstanding talent that appeared on one of the “light” teams, thus perpetuating the dominance of a few “big name” teams. Nevertheless, recounting the rosters of these top teams for each era would likely result in a comprehensive list of all the best players for that period. The majority of young Belizean males played some level of football in their youth, but only some of those, through talent and/or perseverance, were able to “catch” a Senior team and play competitive association football in the Senior Competition.

So, old timers still around, help us with any names we might have missed from the old Dunlop, BEC, Brodies, Landivar, Rocking-R, Red Stripe, San Joaquin, RAC, La Victoria, Orange Walk Sugar Boys, Salada Eleven, Queens Park Rangers*, etc. (*Queens Park Rangers in their hey-day were unique, in that they were actually a semiprofessional team before their time, being given special privileges from their work at the Citrus Company to concentrate on football. They also recruited the best players. In the 1960s and even early 1970s, the other top district teams used to travel to the city to participate in the Belize City competition; thus San Joaquin won the championship in 1969-70.)

Mid-1960s to Late-1970s
(Part 3 additional names)
Norman “Mani Pratt” Humes
Roland “Sol” Craig
Brian Bennett
Gilbert Rushford
Tony Wright
Ronald “Papacito” Gladden
Edward “Whitey” Eau
Joseph Parks
Charles Hyde
“Sam Cooke” of Bel-Rovers
John “Belengues”
“Ranny Soul”
Sandy Hinks
Louie Smith
Norrin “Dutch” Mejia
Walter Lewis
Roland “Ratta” Bood
Jimmy “Capito” Lawrence
“Eezy” of ASC
Anthony “Gas” McField
George Wagner
“Tamango” goalie for Sugar Boys
Pennil goalie for OW Sugar Boys
Moreira midfielder of Spurs
Wilhelm “London” White
Francis Henkis
Wilton Meighan, Jr.
Charles “Baaboo” Humes
“Pops” from Landivar
Conrad “Faltas” Nolberto
Norman “Banji” Usher

Early 1980s to 1991 Semipro
(Part 3 additional names)
Elvis “Cricket” Crawford
Wilhelm Miguel
Pernell Pandy
Eddison “Kenny Rogers” Clare
Bernard “Dubu” Thomas
Paul Kelly
Wayne Wade
Alfred “Fredo” Usher
Leonard “Mole” Nunez
Michael “Tim” Reneau
Ricardo Sosa
Euan “Bulgi” Gillett
Carlton Rushford
Alvin Pennel
Albert “Lizard” Ferguson
Trevor Plunkett
Raul Roches
Joseph Kisling
Gerald Faux
Charles “Charlie Wong” Flowers
Dean Ottley

We’re recalling our ‘ballers of the past right now. Do you remember any other football names from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, or 2010s? Send us your list and we’ll add to our files for later review and appraisal in whatever voting system is agreed on for selecting Hall of Fame members.

Question: Who was the Belize City MVP for 1960-61?

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