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Czarnecki’s column

Dear Editor,

With each passing day, I’m increasingly dismayed, as it becomes easier to conclude that the Government of Belize has no fealty to anything resembling the Rule of Law, with Ministries riddled with gifters, whose only desire is for material wealth and gain.

Plagued with corruption, a compromised judiciary and a poorly educated constabulary, Belize continues its downward spiral, slowed only by the courageous reporting found in the pages of this newspaper.

But even if you have a good story, it might get lost in the telling when being forced to deal with liars and men with no honor. This is why it’s no longer about UDP or PUP, or in the U.S., Republicans or Democrats.

“What’s in it for me?” is the focus of the criminal circus and the clowns both in Washington D.C. and in Belmopan. At this point, maybe the only hope for meaningful change is something resembling the youth-driven movements that have changed the face of Eastern Europe, since the end of World War II, where the people got tired of their governments pissing on their shoes while telling them it’s raining!

All best and keep up the good fight; after all, what’s the alternative?

Russell Czarnecki

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