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David Swatsigga writes the people

Dear Editor,

I chose to write to your newspaper because I have always noticed that your newspaper continuously publishes articles that are unbiased. Allow me to express the words of wisdom of Aristotle: “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.”

Certainly Aristotle was right to the very foundation of his assertion. It’s fundamental that for democracy to flourish the power of the electorate must prevail without any hindrance. In Belize we have a modified democratic system run by political parties who are rooted on the principle of ignorance, arrogance, self-praise, unethical, immoral, treason, just to name a few qualities. The quality of governance in our country is also muffled by the fact that our representatives are elected and put in power by the will of cash flow in our elections. The capital that puts a government in place is by the will of the wealthy and not the middle or lower class of society.

Government as we call it in Belize is just a theoretical reality of the real democracy. Our system of government always clashes with the interest of the poor of this nation. Since pre and post-Independence we have been spectators of scandal on top of scandal in this nation: passports being sold, public funds being diverted, lands being sold for mediocre prices and then resold for millions, companies opening and closing in the blink of an eye, money laundering by representatives of the people, tax-cuts to special investors, containers of products being imported and levied of import duties and taxes, drug trafficking by members in government and so much more. I beg the question: Is society handcuffed from making a change?

It’s important to re-iterate that we as a people are empowered and responsible for the welfare of our country. We can say that Belize is a great place to live, but I can certify to that, but at a cost. We the lower class push our economy to pay for salaries for those that are supposed to be doing a good job to keep our country running in positive accounting numbers, and if they aren’t we can fire them and place competent individuals who can do the job well.

I also ask the question: Why people in Belize are bought with a $100, $200, $300, or even $500 per vote for almost any electoral process? I have asked this question a lot of times, and after conversing with many people in society I find that the majority of the electorate are programmed to vote for one party, regardless of their wrongdoing when in power. It’s very sad to see how society is conformant with the government of the day and past governments. We are like horses being beaten to run as fast as we can by government to provide for their wealthy style of living.

It is time for Belizeans, the lower and middle class especially, to stand up and defend our very own Jewel as we call it. Our country is so small to have so many problems in finances. The dividends of our economy are being diverted into the hands of the wealthy and not of the hard working middle and lower class. When will there be a change? When will we realize that by putting in Government people from the UDP and PUP we will never move forward?

Power to the people and may God bless the readers of this article.

David Swatsigga

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