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Deadly shooting on Rio Bravo Crescent

One dead and one injured

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 24, 2020– At about 9:00 Saturday night, Ezekiel Usher, 33, of Rio Bravo Crescent, Belize City, was talking to a friend, of his in front of a house on the street where he lives, in Port Loyola, when two men rode up on a motorcycle and one of them fired at him.

Usher was struck in the head and body. One of the bullets that were fired, however, strayed and struck a woman, Joyce Edwards Ramclam, 61, of Punta Gorda, who was a passenger in a vehicle on the same street, heading to her daughter’s house in the area.

The gunmen then rode away on the motorcycle.

Usher and Ramclam were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where Usher was declared dead on arrival and Ramclam, who was hit in the shoulder, was admitted in a stable condition.

Information to us tonight is that Ramclam is in a stable condition and is talking.

Ramon Aguilar, 47, a driver of Punta Gorda, told police that while driving on Rio Bravo Crescent to his house, along with Joyce Edwards Ramclam, who is his mother-in-law, they suddenly heard gunshots being fired, and he saw her bleeding and realized that she had been hit. He then rushed her to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where she was admitted in a stable condition.

On our visit to the KHMH this morning we saw her husband and two of her daughters. Sharett, one of her daughters, said that Ramclam came to the city to help her (Ramclam’s) daughter, who is ill. Luckily, the injury she suffered was not life-threatening.

Ramclam is the mother of nine daughters and one son. Her husband told us that his son-in-law, with whom Ramclam was traveling from Punta Gorda, called him and gave him the news that she had been shot.

The motive for the attack on Usher, which resulted in Ramclam’s injury, is not yet known, and the gunmen have not been found. The scene of the shooting was processed and eleven 9mm shells were found.

We went to see Usher’s family at the morgue, but they were still devastated, and they did not wish to make comment at that time.

Feature photo: Ezekiel Usher, deceased 

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